Plan Ahead

Good afternoon fellow bloggers!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday. We’ve nearly made it another week and can almost cross off another day with that red pen above our calendar. Related image

Now, I don’t know about you, but I always like to have something to look forward to so I have a little goal between my working weeks keeping me sane. Whether that be small or big, it really helps me get through the days.

What kind of goals do I look forward to?

  1. My boyfriend coming down to visit me: 

Every two weeks, my boyfriend who lives over 100 miles away gets on a train and starts his 4 hour journey over to my house. I do sometimes feel bad that he does it more than I do, but I would probably have a breakdown if I attempted to drive over there more than once a month (I get tired easily).

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This may seem like a small thing to look forward to, but when you jump into working full-time and hardly being able to see each other, it becomes something of a luxury. Since being at university together where you’re only down the road, we realise how long distance is definitely not the way forward for us.

  2. Holiday days off work:

We are all entitled to a certain number of days holiday when employed. For me I started with 25 to use however I want across my year working. As it stands, I have 10 left, which is actually pretty good. My aim was to save as many as I could without having a break down so that I can have a big blow out towards the end of my term.

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It’s around now that I have started to plan some more days off and making the most of my time. Having these to look forward to makes a huge difference to me. Not having to wake up to my alarm, not having to make the same commute in I do most days of the week and most of all, not having to sit at my desk ruining my eyes in front of a computer screen…bliss.

 3. Returning to University:

This is one of the bigger goals I very much look forward to. I’ve mentioned before how I can’t wait to get back into the lifestyle of an independent student, but I really CANNOT WAIT! If you’ve attended University at any point in your life, you will understand how it feels to be plunged into your own little world and be responsible for everything you do. That may sound scary, but I very much enjoy it.

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Living with your friends, being around thousands of other people your own age, seeing something or someone new every day…at no other point in your life do you experience anything like this. With my end of work placement looming I will be able to relax for a month or so before actually returning which in itself will be amazing.

I have some bigger life goals I am working towards, but for me, right now, the short-term things are what I’m focusing on. Keeping a level-head and not over boiling my mind is so important. Being on top of my work recently has given me an extra boost and I think to myself ‘I can do it’, despite previously thinking that I really couldn’t.

If you feel like your plate is about to over spill then have a think about how you can line up some of your own goals to keep yourself going….it really helps!

The Valentine’s Weekend

328da033-2f1e-4fdf-8e87-03d02f28d8b0.jpgGood morning fellow bloggers!


I hope we’re all raring to go for the weekend! I definitely am ready for a well earned break!


Valentines is approaching. For many of us I imagine this means a night in with our dog or cats is on the cards, sharing a bottle of wine with you, yourself and ….you. If you’re in full-time work like myself, you may be ‘celebrating’ it this weekend or the weekend after. For me, I’m going to a generic restaurant on Sunday…probably Nando’s (because I’m classy like that). As a student these things are expensive and all these ‘holidays’ add up. Valentines, Easter, Birthdays, Christmas…I mean when do you stop buying and being sucked into the retail scams?

I actually think I have a problem when it comes to buying people presents. I prefer to buy for someone else and see their reaction, than receive a gift myself, mainly because I never know how to react. ESPECIALLY when your boyfriend is 1 of 6 siblings if I buy for one, I have to buy for them all. Christmas hurt my bank account I’m not going to lie.

This year however, my boyfriend and I have decided to do a cheaper celebration and not go mad on buying things. I’ve actually managed to get everything for as little as £14!

So whether you’re spending your weekend in a swanky restaurant living it up on the Prosecco or you’re at home living it up on the Prosecco, I hope we all enjoy ourselves and make the most of our downtime!



Moral: You can be just as happy with a bottle of wine to yourself as you could be sharing a bottle of wine with someone else!

Sugar Rush


Friday is here! Thank the lord! I think a break is long over due.

After a tiring week I cannot wait to just sit down and pretty much do nothing.

I recently bought a reed diffuser for my room because, you know, I’m a grown up now…(looks around in disbelief). As you can see I was drawn in by the pretty packaging and shiny writing…(clearly I am a grown up). Due to my lack of sugar intake on my new health kick, I felt as though I needed to at least have the scent around me at all times. Maybe I’ve discovered a new form of dieting.

Anyway thanks everyone for sticking with me so far and I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!

Moral: Don’t just buy something because it’s shiny.