It’s Valentines Day!

Good morning fellow bloggers!

I hope everyone is either being spoilt or spoiling themselves!

Below you’ll see the lovely card that I received today from my far far away partner. I don’t know about anyone else, but I really struggle with the lovey dovey, cringe cards and everything similar. Not a clue why, I’ve just always been a bit funny about it. Even with my family when it comes to birthday cards I have to get one that’s silly, funny and a little bit stupid (It’s a tradition now).


I want to know what everyone’s been doing today! If it helps I’ll be sitting at home with my two cats watching some trash TV.


I’ll be doing another post later today I just had to give my little insight into the occasion that is today! Happy Wednesday Everyone!

The Valentine’s Weekend

328da033-2f1e-4fdf-8e87-03d02f28d8b0.jpgGood morning fellow bloggers!


I hope we’re all raring to go for the weekend! I definitely am ready for a well earned break!


Valentines is approaching. For many of us I imagine this means a night in with our dog or cats is on the cards, sharing a bottle of wine with you, yourself and ….you. If you’re in full-time work like myself, you may be ‘celebrating’ it this weekend or the weekend after. For me, I’m going to a generic restaurant on Sunday…probably Nando’s (because I’m classy like that). As a student these things are expensive and all these ‘holidays’ add up. Valentines, Easter, Birthdays, Christmas…I mean when do you stop buying and being sucked into the retail scams?

I actually think I have a problem when it comes to buying people presents. I prefer to buy for someone else and see their reaction, than receive a gift myself, mainly because I never know how to react. ESPECIALLY when your boyfriend is 1 of 6 siblings if I buy for one, I have to buy for them all. Christmas hurt my bank account I’m not going to lie.

This year however, my boyfriend and I have decided to do a cheaper celebration and not go mad on buying things. I’ve actually managed to get everything for as little as £14!

So whether you’re spending your weekend in a swanky restaurant living it up on the Prosecco or you’re at home living it up on the Prosecco, I hope we all enjoy ourselves and make the most of our downtime!



Moral: You can be just as happy with a bottle of wine to yourself as you could be sharing a bottle of wine with someone else!