Time for Your Interests

Good morning fellow bloggers!

I don’t know about you, but this grey weather is making me feel a bit low. It is truly living up to the stereotype that Britain gets for rain and foggy days. Fingers crossed for some sunshine over the weekend, I’m in much need of some vitamin D!

Today I’m going to let you all in on a little hobby of mine. I have briefly mentioned it before, but I want to explain it in a little more depth.

So, since I was in nursery (4/5 years old) I have always had a passion and interest in drawing and colouring in. Since then I’ve pretty much self-taught myself how to draw and gained my own techniques over time. I did study art at GCSE and A-Level stage, but a lot of it was out of my comfort zone and I felt forced to use materials such as water colour paints in my work when that was one of my weakest tools. Something people don’t realise when choosing to study this is that there’s also a heck of a lot of writing involved. I remember writing endlessly about artists I didn’t have a clue existed and making up some bull**** about how the colours represented some emotion. No offence to anyone who actually gets quite into their art, but for me I don’t buy it.

My favourite style of drawing is photo realism…here’s a few of my A-level sketches:

This obviously takes quite a while to do so I haven’t really found the time to draw anything recently. However, when I finish my placement and have more time I want to finish a few pieces I started a while ago. Making time for your hobbies is so important. For me, it really clears and opens my mind which is actually really relaxing. The stress and pressure of work can take its toll in many ways and will affect us differently, even if you may not realise it.

If you don’t have a hobby and want to take up one then why not start or look into it today?

Take a Break

Good morning for the second time today my fellow bloggers!


Do you often feel overwhelmed with work, home life, growing up or any big changes in your life? I’m starting to understand how you feel…


What are the pressures and stress’ in your life?

Personally, I’m still learning how to cope with these, but I have started taking measures to help myself relax a bit more and not let them get the better of me. Currently, my main stress’ revolve around work because I have a lot of pressure to make things correct with no room for error…it’s quite a lot of pressure for a 21 year old. I also feel some sort of pressure on where I want to go with my job/university course, whether I want to become chartered as an Architectural Technologist or continue studying to become an Architect (huge decisions to be made very soon). 

What do I do to keep a level head?

At the moment my main way of chilling out is simply by sitting down with a warm drink, comfort food and watching my programs I’ve recorded on TV. However, this is the lazy way and I want to find other forms of relaxing even if it doesn’t involve sitting down for hours. For example, I cannot wait to get back into the gym when I’m fully recovered from a recent foot operation. You may be thinking ‘I couldn’t imagine anything worse, that’s not relaxing at all’. I find that just sitting on the exercise bike with my earphones in listening to music, or a podcast really gets my endorphin’s going and makes me feel amazing even after a long day. Wearing yourself out is actually a great way to relax because when you get back home you’ve released all the energy and stress through exercise so now you can just sit and actually do nothing…(you also get a great work out).

Something I really want to try is meditation, yoga or even aquarobics! Not only do you get to wear cute leggings, but I think it gives you the time to clear your mind and focus on yourself for a moment. Ignore the world around you and balance your energies. I’ll look into this more when I finish my placement, I want to put a bit more time into it and I think it’s more of a ‘during the day’ kind of activity, or in the morning (if you have the time). I’m a bit of a water baby so I just love floating around in a pool, and doing exercise whilst submerged in my favourite liquid just sounds awesome to me! (I realise how weird that sounds).

What if I really don’t have the time for this?

I always think to myself that If don’t have time for something I’ll just do it another day, but I never really end up doing it! In reality I can be a bit lazy because really, I do have the time if I put the effort in…you make time for the things you want to do don’t you. I think we should all try and find a new way of relaxing ourselves, even try a new activity and add it to your daily or weekly routine. I feel so much more accomplished when I do more with my day and time.


Hope you all enjoyed this little post, once I get started I can’t stop!

Moral:  There’s always time for things you just have to prioritise your life!