Success…I’m Coming for You

Good morning fellow bloggers!

Anyone else feeling their motivation slowly dripping away like my ice cream did this weekend? …same.

So let’s do something to boost it back up!

What have I been doing to regain my drive for success?

Well, nothing too difficult actually. One main thing I have discovered that has really pushed me is a certain TV program. I’ve found that a lot of entrepreneurial shows are emerging recently and I’m loving it!

This particular one is called ‘Buy It Now’. The concept allows regular people like you and me to pitch a product they have invested their time and money in to create. For example, last nights episode showed a young woman who is a teacher. Her product was a non-slip fabric inner sole which supports both the back and base of your foot preventing blisters. She stands on a stage in front of 100 shoppers who have a light above their heads, if they like what they see and hear then they can turn that light green to show they’re interested.

As long as the entrepreneur still has one light left on after the price of the product is revealed, then they move onto talking to some investors of large corporations, for example, JML. So this particular woman had 40 green lights left on and went further to receive 25,500 orders from the investors. Overall, she managed to secure £225,000 in retail value of her products which is absolutely life changing.

One of the many goals I have in life is to create something everyone will love and appreciate like this. At the beginning of my year out working I was always thinking about what could be that next big idea, but the last few months I faded out of that a little bit. So, yesterday I decided to give myself a little pep talk, NO, I have to stick at this and make it my success!

How have I turned this into my motivation?

I have many notebooks, if you have been with me from the start of my blogging you will know this. In my ‘general notes’ book I began to think of problems that need solving in our every day lives, or hindrances to people. For me, this is a great way to get my creative juices flowing and come up with some cool, never seen before products. When I go back to university, I plan to take my ideas one step further and begin to make at least one a reality, so the time I spend planning everything now is vital.

For anyone who wants to do something like this, I promise you, you can do it, there’s no reason for you not to. We can always find a way to achieve what we want. Alongside studying for my final year at university I hope to have a finished or close to finished product ready to go and prove to everyone that you can be any age, at any point in your life to start something new and exciting. Why not be ambitious and start today?

If you are like me and love watching these kind of programs like the one I mentioned above, then definitely worth checking out, it’s on every weekday at 5:30pm on channel 4! (BST)

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Good morning fellow bloggers!


So, last week I came across something that has an impact on one of my future, bigger goals. Not an ideal situation, but I’ve had to think how I’m going to get around it.


What happened?

Well, as stated in a previous blog, I aspire to be a property developer and landlord. I may be a little late to the game and this new rule, but I could be affected when the time comes.

A new legislation is being phased in, beginning mid 2017 (had no idea I wanted to do this at that point so I’ll let myself off). This is all about tax relief (riveting subject I know), but if this is something you have considered too then listen up. Currently, landlords can claim back 75% of their mortgage tax through their rent. By 2021 landlords will not be able to benefit from any tax relief meaning they could be making a loss. Doesn’t make sense? Let me put it like this:

Imagine you have bought a house in 2021. Your annual turnover (money before costs) is 60K, your annual mortgage repayments of 10K and another 8K allowance for other costs. So at the moment to calculate your taxable income you would do:

60,000-10,000-8,000 = 42,000 (this is your final taxable income with 11,500 tax free)

With 75% tax relief, you receive 7,500 back.

Therefore, 49,500 – 11,500 = 38,000 (this is how much you will be taxed on)

In 2021 you would do:

60,000-8,000 = 52,000 (this is your new final taxable income with 11,500 tax free)

Therefore, 52,000 – 11,500 = 40,500 (this is how much you’ll be taxed on)

So, it looks like you’re making more money right? However, the more money you make, the more taxable income you have to be taken. For landlords who have multiple houses and may end up earning more than before will have to pay more than 20% tax. Not only does this mean more tax, but if you have an outstanding student loan or any type of loan, you will have to pay more because you are earning more, even though you haven’t upped your prices.

All things considered, this may only affect a small percentage of landlords, but will mean that the affected can end up making a loss (something none of us want).


Consequences for people who rent (in my opinion):

  • Landlords may push up their prices meaning people who rent cannot afford to any longer.
  • If people cannot afford to rent or buy a house then what other option is there? (homelessness?)
  • If people who rent cannot afford to anymore, houses will be put on the market which is a more expensive option leaving less properties to rent.

Consequences for landlords (in my opinion):

  • Landlords can get stuck if they end up making a loss across multiple houses possibly resulting in something worse (bankruptcy).
  • Pushing rental prices up could mean people will not be willing to pay lowering demand.


How do we get round this?

For landlords this can be simple, put prices up as I stated above, but with high risk. Some other options that require a bit more time could be to either sell up, or apply to become a LTD company (I don’t know much about this, but would like to find out). As for people who rent, it’s all about location, the more popular and upcoming an area is, the higher the rent prices will be. To avoid that I believe the safest way to do so is to relocate to an affordable area and generate some savings for a house deposit. Even though I want to become a landlord I wouldn’t advise young working people to rent because It’s dead money. If you’ve bought a house this can generate more money because property is one of the safest growing investments you can make.

How am I going to go about my dream?

I do research on this everyday. I’m so passionate about it and I WILL make it a reality. It’s important to consider location. Go for something small, affordable and up and coming (too good to be true?), trust me it exists. Decide what your audience is, students, working professionals, families, etc. This also affects your location, you decide which comes first. Look at other houses in the area for growth in prices and look at houses you would consider buying (whether it’s a forever home, or a doer upper). Do you see how you could improve the property? How much would it cost? Is it worth it? Can you afford it?


Sorry for the long post I just had to put it out there. I may have got some of my facts or figures wrong, but I’ve tried to educate as best I can, please correct me if I’m wrong. Also I think it shows how much I really want my dream and how things are possible for everyone from all angles so don’t give up.


Moral: We will hit bumps in the road on our journey to success, but we can always go round, go over and climb them…there is a way!

Be Your Own Boss


We’re so close to Friday! We can do this!

Another day in the office, another boost to my motivation. Are you fed up of someone always being ‘above’ you ? Someone always watching over you to make sure you’re performing well FOR THEM? …me too.

Now is the time for you to change that. You know how it feels to be just an employee. You know how it feels to me metaphorically Sh** on. What’s the resolution?…Be your own boss! Choose your working hours, employ people to be part of a supportive team, do what you love and most of all be successful in life. Sounds like a perfect world right? Well let’s go and grab it!

I have heard some of the people I work with saying ‘I can’t leave this place, I’ve got a child and it’s just comfortable income’. Does that sound like someone with any motivation for greater success? Not to me it doesn’t. I understand the uncertainty of having another job lined up if you’re looking to leave the one you’re already in…but sometimes these risks can change your lives for the better. Do you want to regret something that could’ve been a turning point for you and/or your family?

After working at the very bottom of the chain I have quickly realised, this is not where I want to spend my working life. I want to be different, I want to stand out, I want to have something no one else has…I want to be my own boss!

What’s stopping me from having all of that? Well…nothing really, maybe a bit of funding, which is quite common I assume. However, I am more than willing to stick at something for a year or so to raise what I need for my goals. It’s quite simple, just takes a little bit of time.

This week I have written out all of my start up ideas in my lovely new notebook ready to be built. At the back of my notebook however, I have a list with boxes that need to be ticked. What does this list consist of? All of my goals, short and long term. If I’m ever feeling a bit low, or have lost some of my motivation, I turn to those pages and look straight at the words of my future!

Moral: It’s never to late to follow your dreams, don’t make your goal a regret, make it reality! 



Temptation, temptation, temptation. How do we stop ourselves from ruining all the hard work we’ve done this year?

Why am I more motivated to change my health and appearance? Not only to try something new this year, but I’ve even started getting comments from my parents…(never makes you feel good). However, I think with age I have learnt to channel these harsh words to benefit me instead of break me.

When I’ve previously tried to change the way I eat, often I find myself reaching for that sweet cupboard full of goodness…(or is it a bad cupboard?). That would be my tipping point where one small flake turns into me demolishing the whole contents by the end of the week. Obviously we need to treat ourselves or we’ll go into a break down. Since the beginning of the year I am pleased, yet surprised to say I have not fallen off my new lifestyle (round of applause for me). Hopefully I can keep it up as I’m already starting to see the changes in my body.

Over the weekend I bought myself one of those ab wheels…some of you may wonder what is that. Well it looks a little like this…


Weird right? Funnily enough this small, simple contraption has made me feel like I’ve been in the ring with Anthony Joshua going at my midriff for half an hour. If you’re up for a new challenge and want to push yourself to do more exercise without leaving the house…I dare you to give this a go. Even if you only manage a few each day (I could only go half way down 3 times the first time I tried…don’t laugh). You can even find one for £6 in Tesco so no excuses.

Moral: Learn to channel negative energy into your own success

Strength and Success


Why do Tuesday’s feel worse than Mondays? …anyone? Today isn’t so bad because it’s my first anniversary! (yay)…but i’m stuck at work and my boyfriend is 100+ miles away, so I suppose it could be better.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about independence, and being strong. Mainly in the situations where someone tells you that you can’t do something, or they don’t think you’re good enough, or even just plain old rejection. Why? because I have experienced my fair share of these people and I’ve turned their words into my motivation and success.

To start with I’m going back to when I was in sixth form (although not too long ago, it still is fresh in my mind). I probably experienced some of the worst and best teachers when it comes to empathy, having been through some ordeals, my dreams were consistently shut down. How does it feel being told ‘you’re not smart enough to do what you want to do in life’ by someone who is supposed to be guiding you, pushing you and helping you to achieve just that? Well it definitely put a dampener on things to say the least. The whole time I was studying I was put down again and again and again by multiple tutors, from being told I’m not smart enough to take this exam, to ‘we can’t help you anymore’. How did I overcome years of being metaphorically crushed by my ‘superiors’?…with one hand held by my dad, I fought my way through to get to where I am today. I used these daggers of words to give myself upthrust (see I did listen in physics) into this position.

Where am I today? …I have nearly finished my year out working (placement), which I spent seven months speaking to companies to finally find one practice to take me under their wing. Having come on in leaps and bounds with my technical skills I cannot imagine spending this year doing anything else, it is the BEST thing to do whilst studying at university. At the end of summer I will be returning to university to complete my degree and earn my BSc(hons) in Architectural Technology. Now…would I have predicted myself to be in this position three or five years ago…NO F****** WAY. However, how good does it feel that I am only 21 and am already more successful than those people who tried to stop me from achieving my goals? AMAAAAAZIIIINGGG is the answer!

Moral : Although it seems impossible, you must use the negativity people push upon you to channel your motivation into success.