Optimum Surroundings

Good morning fellow bloggers!


I hope everyone is having a lovely, successful and motivated week! I’ve been feeling pretty awful this week, I hate being ill, but I still push myself to come into work and get on with my day.


How can we make ourselves be more productive and feel better without much effort?

One thing I find helps me instantly feel a bit brighter is the cleanliness, tidiness and appearance of my environments. For starters, working in an architectural practice means I am surrounded by heaps and heaps of paper with drawings on them. My boss in particular likes to put a whole trees worth on my desk every week! I’ve had to quickly improve my organisation skills by implementing some sort of order to this madness. Even if I only made everything look a bit neater it would make me feel better. I always believe that subconsciously things like this really affect our performance.

How can you stimulate your senses to improve your aura?

I was feeling a bit bored when simply sitting in my room watching TV (something I do too often). SOOOO I bought a candle and a diffuser! Both smell very sweet and fresh, but I’ve never owned one before and I feel like I have deprived myself of the joy. Our sense of smell is a huge factor in the way we feel, but such a small thing makes a big difference!

I feel like I already covered sight above, but just to conclude, the appearance and cleanliness of our surroundings has a subconscious effect on the way we feel!

Hearing…I don’t know about you, but I can’t work in a noisy environment, I just get too distracted and annoyed. If there’s nothing you can do about the noise, shove a pair of earphones in and block it all out.

I personally LOOOOVE fluffy, soft things like a faux fur throw! I have a collection of them and when it’s cold there’s nothing better than sitting under them and yes I’m weird and stroke them from time to time. I don’t think you’d look very professional sitting under one of those at your work desk, but I would suggest a stress ball, they’re great for fiddlers and fidgets like me!

I hope you’re now all on the hunt for a lovely scented candle….(you too guys)!

Moral: The littlest things can affect you as a whole!