Jumping Hurdles

Good morning fellow bloggers!


Sooooo…it’s time to grab a cup of tea (or hot chocolate because I don’t drink tea) and a cookie, sit down on your comfiest sofa, feet up, blanket on and have a catch up.

Previously I have mentioned how important reflection is. Taking a second to look back and evaluate our choices and decisions. Is everything going to plan? Did you choose correctly? Lets have a think.

For me, this weekend just gone seemed like a bit of a mad rush trying to fit in everything I wanted to get done in a short space of time. From seeing one of my old school friends I haven’t been able to catch up with for over a year which was awesome to starting a sort of new side job. Can we just give some love to her because her stupid now ex boyfriend broke up with her on valentines day! (I never liked him anyway) What’s better than having a little venting session with your pal?

Anyway that was the first thing which was a great start to my weekend, since everyone has branched out, gone to university and doing their own thing, I haven’t seen any of my old friends for sooo long! I had left my boyfriend with my brother to go and see some new film whilst I enjoyed my Costa catch up…sorry not sorry. Again I had left him alone with my whole family this time whilst I went off for an hour to do one of my new little side jobs.

What is this side job?

As I have previously written about becoming a tutor (find it here…In Demand!), I was asked by a young mum on Friday if I would tutor her Primary aged son in a bit of Art. Of course I was going to say yes and I had my first session on Sunday. Now working with children has always been something I enjoy and have done it quite a lot in my time (like I’m some OAP). However, this young lad was very shy and wasn’t the best with communication. Not a problem, I made sure that he was as comfortable as possible and tried to make the lesson fun by structuring it in a way that suited him and what he wanted to do. Sometimes being adaptable for the benefit of others is a great selfless act. It feels amazing to know you’ve helped someone and are making a difference in their life and potentially their future.

It also helps that I get paid to do this, but that’s only a small reason I signed up to this tutoring platform. I hope to make contact with more students across a variety of subject…spread the knowledge!

How can you make a difference and do what you love at the same time?

I would start by thinking about your main passions. Whether that being makeup, baking, gaming, sports, anything! Question yourself, how can you make that into your own little venture? I believe there are endless opportunities and new ideas to be discovered. We all think differently and who knows, you may come up with the next big million pound, dollar, euro whatever…idea!

Take a minute…

I’d love to hear if any of your are starting a new venture or are on the brink of a break through…lets get those creative juices flowing!

Moral: Every so often we need to move into the slow lane and look back at all those hurdles we’ve jumped in order to keep going in the right direction!