Success…I’m Coming for You

Good morning fellow bloggers!

Anyone else feeling their motivation slowly dripping away like my ice cream did this weekend? …same.

So let’s do something to boost it back up!

What have I been doing to regain my drive for success?

Well, nothing too difficult actually. One main thing I have discovered that has really pushed me is a certain TV program. I’ve found that a lot of entrepreneurial shows are emerging recently and I’m loving it!

This particular one is called ‘Buy It Now’. The concept allows regular people like you and me to pitch a product they have invested their time and money in to create. For example, last nights episode showed a young woman who is a teacher. Her product was a non-slip fabric inner sole which supports both the back and base of your foot preventing blisters. She stands on a stage in front of 100 shoppers who have a light above their heads, if they like what they see and hear then they can turn that light green to show they’re interested.

As long as the entrepreneur still has one light left on after the price of the product is revealed, then they move onto talking to some investors of large corporations, for example, JML. So this particular woman had 40 green lights left on and went further to receive 25,500 orders from the investors. Overall, she managed to secure £225,000 in retail value of her products which is absolutely life changing.

One of the many goals I have in life is to create something everyone will love and appreciate like this. At the beginning of my year out working I was always thinking about what could be that next big idea, but the last few months I faded out of that a little bit. So, yesterday I decided to give myself a little pep talk, NO, I have to stick at this and make it my success!

How have I turned this into my motivation?

I have many notebooks, if you have been with me from the start of my blogging you will know this. In my ‘general notes’ book I began to think of problems that need solving in our every day lives, or hindrances to people. For me, this is a great way to get my creative juices flowing and come up with some cool, never seen before products. When I go back to university, I plan to take my ideas one step further and begin to make at least one a reality, so the time I spend planning everything now is vital.

For anyone who wants to do something like this, I promise you, you can do it, there’s no reason for you not to. We can always find a way to achieve what we want. Alongside studying for my final year at university I hope to have a finished or close to finished product ready to go and prove to everyone that you can be any age, at any point in your life to start something new and exciting. Why not be ambitious and start today?

If you are like me and love watching these kind of programs like the one I mentioned above, then definitely worth checking out, it’s on every weekday at 5:30pm on channel 4! (BST)

Image result for buy it now channel 4

Be Your Own Person!

Good morning fellow bloggers!

I hope anyone who has been blessed with this lovely sunshine is enjoying some vitamin D, soak some up for me whilst I’m stuck in this office please. Wasn’t it snowing last week?

Annnnyyyywaaaay…lets talk about something I’ve seen rise within the people around me. I’m talking about being easily influenced by others.

Are you strong enough to stand up for yourself if you think differently to someone?

I see a particular trait mainly in younger people. Being impressionable can sometimes be a good thing, but quite often, not so much. If your friends are starting smoking, or want to get someone older to buy them alcohol, but you don’t want to do that, then you need to stand up for yourself and not be intimidated by these influences. I think most people realise that when you leave school, you may stay in contact with a few people, but mostly you never even see them again. If you do still have contact with lots of school peers then you are an anomaly. Making the most of your time in school and staying true to yourself is SO IMPORTANT! Know who your real friends are.

School is all about the ‘Clique’ …

A group of people such as friends. Often used when discussing stereotypes. 
Stereotypical meaning: Group of goths, preps, emos, punk, etc.
If you don’t fit into a certain group then it’s quite easy to feel left out. This is something that can follow with you and stick as you get older. Maybe it’s part of human nature I don’t know. Does that mean people should push you away? No, I never thought I fitted into any particular group of people so I tended to float around as I had friends all over the place. It didn’t bother me that I wasn’t ‘categorised’ for want of a better word, I can look back and know that I was myself and didn’t try to fit into a group that wasn’t right for me.
So…the other day I was walking out of Tesco with my mum when I noticed a group of, what I would guess…15 year old’s sitting in the car park. At first I thought ‘do you not have anything better to do with your Sunday afternoon?’, until I saw them approach two slightly older looking girls. I don’t know what they had asked them, but not too long after the security guard came out to have a word with the young lads.
I can only assume they had asked them to buy them alcohol, cigarettes or were generally harassing them. The main thing I noticed however, was that there was five all together, but only three stood up and started back chatting to the security guard, where as the other two began to walk away. Was this because they were scared to get into more trouble? Maybe they were making a decision to remove themselves from the situation and let their ‘friends’ run their mouths? Who knows, but what I do know is that these types of intimidating instances happen all too often.

Moral: Strength comes in many forms, and being true to yourself is a very important life skill we all need to uphold!

From Hobby to Business

Good afternoon fellow bloggers!

We all have turned something we love into a routine or part of our live. How do I know this? Well we’re all here right now, blogging out minds away. However, a lot of us don’t earn from it and simply do it for fun and peace.

Do you have any other hobbies?

One of my other hobbies, besides blogging is art. I know some of you may have already seen my work, but here it is again (but smaller).

It’s very well known that artists do not get paid very well unless they’ve hit the big leagues. I wasn’t looking to make drawing or painting a full time job, but I have been looking at ways I can potentially monetise this passion of mine. One of the first things I did was look at all the pieces I had completed, as you can see I like to leave them partially done (was kind of my signature). I then had copies made of those pieces to sell. I currently have one left from the 20 I had printed which isn’t bad going. Having done a few commissions I had a taste for it and wanted to expand my prospects.

How can you turn your hobbies into something more?

Firstly, you obviously need to have a hobby you enjoy doing. Whether that be baking, drawing, sewing, gymming (my new word), whatever it may be, it can be classed as a hobby. Then you need to think about how you can generate something to put to market. So if you like to bake cookies, muffins, cheesecakes, then have a think about possible some new flavours you think people would be interested in. Packaging isn’t expensive and neither is ingredients so it’s low cost and delicious!

If you enjoy making clothing items, have a look at what is already on the market and see if you can come up with a new niche. Maybe lizard hoodies or something I don’t know (don’t judge for that comment please). 

You never know, you might come across a new hit product!

We all want to be doing something we love…right? This is an ideal place to start.

Moral: Finding the right blend of business and pleasure is essential, the next big thing could be right under your nose!

Guest Post – Waist Trainer UK

Good morning fellow bloggers!

Today I present to you my first guest post. I have been going back and forth with Gemma who is a mum to two children and has recently changed career from accountancy to internet marketing. She runs Waist Trainer UK and writes a blog as ‘Mummy’s Waisted’, which features family life and small business hacks.

If you didn’t know, I have been on my own path to becoming healthier, fitter, slimmer, toned…and the rest. When I train I like to wear a waist trainer to enhance my work outs and give me the shape I desire. However, mine is coming to the end of its life and I don’t have a clue how to go about finding a new one. Gemma has kindly written a post for us all to help anyone who is in the same boat as me.

How To Choose a Waist Trainer

If you’re new to waist training, or looking for a new product to try, the range of options can seem intimidating. Here’s our tips to help you pick the right one for you:

Body Shape

Waist trainer brands do vary in terms of sizing, and the body length of the garment. So it’s really important that you measure yourself properly, and honestly, and check out the individual manufacturer sizing guidelines. Measure over and under your bust, around your waist and at the top of your hips, and record your measurements in both centimetres and inches.

If you are under 5’4 then Ann Chery is a good brand to try as they do come out shorter. If you are very petite, it may be more comfortable to get a waist trimmer belt as these are much narrower. Check for one which has integrated boning so that you get a similar effect to a waist trainer.

If you are tall, most brands do offer a ‘longer torso’ option (try BVOO). If you have a full bust, it may be more comfortable to choose a waist training vest with adjustable straps, as this will provide more support. Look for ‘wear your own bra’ styles though, so that you’re not too squashed in (check out FeelinGirl).


Think about what you are trying to achieve with your waist trainer. If you want to lose more than a couple of inches from your waist, choose a style that has three rows of hook and eye fastenings, rather than two rows. This means that you can cinch in more and more.

If you are looking for comfort rather than inch loss, a cincher may be a better option as they don’t have the steel boning. A waist trimmer without boning is another one to try if you’re looking for inch loss; these create a ‘stomach sauna’ as you exercise to increase perspiration.


The standard number of steel bones in a waist trainer is nine, although there are some brands which offer a 25 bone option for maximum compression and inch loss (the Yianna black latex waist trainer for example).

Yianna waist trainer

If you are going to wear your waist trainer mostly to boost your exercise plan, there are plenty of sporty workout styles available in bold colours. Alternatively, you can find waist trainers in bright or patterned fabrics such as the Ann Chery animal print version. If you want to be discreet, there are plenty of plain options available.

Be prepared to have to hand wash your waist trainer, and dry it away from a direct heat source – on an airer rather than a radiator.

Gemma’s links:

Waist Trainer UK

Facebook – @trainingyourwaist or

Twitter –

I want to say a big thank you to Gemma for writing this post for me and I hope it has been of use to those who are looking for something to make their training more effective.

If you would like to write a collaboration post with me and think we have similar interests, then please get in contact! Either leave a comment in this post, message me, or email me!


Plan Ahead

Good afternoon fellow bloggers!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday. We’ve nearly made it another week and can almost cross off another day with that red pen above our calendar. Related image

Now, I don’t know about you, but I always like to have something to look forward to so I have a little goal between my working weeks keeping me sane. Whether that be small or big, it really helps me get through the days.

What kind of goals do I look forward to?

  1. My boyfriend coming down to visit me: 

Every two weeks, my boyfriend who lives over 100 miles away gets on a train and starts his 4 hour journey over to my house. I do sometimes feel bad that he does it more than I do, but I would probably have a breakdown if I attempted to drive over there more than once a month (I get tired easily).

Image result for boyfriend girlfriend

This may seem like a small thing to look forward to, but when you jump into working full-time and hardly being able to see each other, it becomes something of a luxury. Since being at university together where you’re only down the road, we realise how long distance is definitely not the way forward for us.

  2. Holiday days off work:

We are all entitled to a certain number of days holiday when employed. For me I started with 25 to use however I want across my year working. As it stands, I have 10 left, which is actually pretty good. My aim was to save as many as I could without having a break down so that I can have a big blow out towards the end of my term.

Image result for holiday

It’s around now that I have started to plan some more days off and making the most of my time. Having these to look forward to makes a huge difference to me. Not having to wake up to my alarm, not having to make the same commute in I do most days of the week and most of all, not having to sit at my desk ruining my eyes in front of a computer screen…bliss.

 3. Returning to University:

This is one of the bigger goals I very much look forward to. I’ve mentioned before how I can’t wait to get back into the lifestyle of an independent student, but I really CANNOT WAIT! If you’ve attended University at any point in your life, you will understand how it feels to be plunged into your own little world and be responsible for everything you do. That may sound scary, but I very much enjoy it.

Image result for graduation

Living with your friends, being around thousands of other people your own age, seeing something or someone new every day…at no other point in your life do you experience anything like this. With my end of work placement looming I will be able to relax for a month or so before actually returning which in itself will be amazing.

I have some bigger life goals I am working towards, but for me, right now, the short-term things are what I’m focusing on. Keeping a level-head and not over boiling my mind is so important. Being on top of my work recently has given me an extra boost and I think to myself ‘I can do it’, despite previously thinking that I really couldn’t.

If you feel like your plate is about to over spill then have a think about how you can line up some of your own goals to keep yourself going….it really helps!

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body!

Good morning fellow bloggers!

A quick update carrying on from yesterday’s post. So to sum up what’s been going on since one of my family members was diagnosed with cancer… Yesterday she went in for life changing surgery and so far we have heard positive news from the nurses. To be honest my stomach made its way back up to the normal position after it dropped hearing the news last week so it’s looking good at the moment. If you haven’t read the post yet, you can find it here.

Onto some more uplifting topics…(slightly) 

If you didn’t already know, I’ve got a week off work next week and I’m absolutely buzzing…yes I’m going to say it everyday until it happens so you’ll just have to deal with it….here’s a clue though….

Image result for french food

I find that when I plan to book a day or a few days off work I need to make the most of it as I’m limited on how many I have left to take. However, even if I just fancy a day off I will do it because having that down time where you don’t have to set your alarm, you don’t have to rush in and get bored with your journey every day and most of all you can do whatever you want (within reason) is soooo important

My older brother hasn’t taken a day off in the last four months which, to me is absolutely crazy and I don’t know how he’s still functioning. What I have noticed however, is how his stress levels are now slowly increasing day by day. Sometimes, even if you feel like you’re on top of everything, others will realise the changes before you do. Being stressed at work quite often results in snapping at the small things at home which obviously creates unnecessary tensions between you and your family…not ideal let’s be honest.

How do you deal with the stresses of work life? 

As I said before, taking the days off that you are entitled to are a great start to relieving that pressure so you don’t burn out. I know how it feels to have your boss/bosses looking over you, expecting you to perform above and beyond your job description. Even when you love your job, things can become overwhelming and you must remember, you’re only one person and you know your limits.

It’s completely normal to be a bit stressed after a hard day in the office, but is it fair to take it out on those around you at home? Not really.

Keep your energy levels high! Quite often we can find ourselves in a rut when it comes to diet and exercise. With such little time to prepare a healthy meal, relax, sleep and get back to work it can be so easy to just get a McDonald’s or order in a takeaway. I understand how hard it can be to fit it all in, but I have managed to personally persevere and get into a routine of preparing double the amount for dinner so I have enough for lunch at work the next day. Not only does this take off the pressure and time you would have spent making something in the morning, but you also benefit from that healthy boost midday.

Making sure you get enough sleep is something a lot of people overlook these days. It’s just as important as a healthy diet. Sleep allows your body to regenerate and enable you to start again the next day. Get rid of those shopping bags under your eyes, and YES it does also help with weight loss so I want all of you to go to sleep and shed those pounds!

Moral: Healthy body, healthy mind…It works both ways people! Be smart and go to sleep!

Not Everyone’s Perfect!

Good morning fellow bloggers!

I apologise to all that care for my absence over the last few days, I have had a lot of busy days at work leaving me with little to no free blogging time.


So here we go. I wanted to let you all in on something that really affected me before I started my year out work placement last July. For some it may not seem like a huge thing, but for me it was an extremely low point in my journey.

January of last year, whilst I was still at university, I had a few exams coming up which of course I was naturally dreading. Now, I have never been someone who is naturally good at exams and my memory just doesn’t have the capacity to hold a lot of information at one time. I try so so hard to study, revise and prep my work during semesters, never-the-less, I still tend to struggle.


Anyway…my Construction Law exam was fast approaching and with an average 60% fail rate I was not feeling positive to put it nicely. My head was like a sieve, in one ear and dropping straight through and out the other. I had generally been quite lucky in my course with most of my assignments being coursework based.

My best friend, course mate and I would get together to revise for these exams; trying to give hints, tips and test each other. This helps to a certain extent, but my attention span is one of a gold-fish… I am yet to find the best strategy for revision that suites my brain and learning style...(help is always accepted)!

So…the exam finally came which was followed by the horrible, anxiety filled wait for the results. As soon as I came out of the exam I was not confident what so ever, my answers could’ve been written by a primary school child and achieved the same grade I was expecting.

As results day arrived, to my dismay…I had failed…

GUTTING! If any of you have ever experienced failure in anything you’ll know that sinking, sickening feeling that instantly makes you feel like you have nowhere to turn. I felt as though I had failed myself and my life was over!

A big part of second year at university is that if you wanted to go on a year out work placement you HAD to pass everything by the end of the final semester. I was put in for a retake which was a few months down the line. However, I had to secure a placement with a company before knowing whether or not I had even passed my exam…(Terrifying)

architecture words

The only way I could deal with that is to try my hardest to secure a placement, to achieve the best I can in the rest of my assignments and to do all I can in the re-sit when It comes around.

Obviously, as I am now on placement I secured a job with a practice, however, my re-sit was to be after I started working…nightmare to be honest. Luckily, my bosses were very understanding and were completely fine with me taking the day to take said exam.

Anyway, lets fast forward…the day of my results finally came to which I was delighted to see that I had passed with flying colours and could carry on with my year! Some of the best news I’d received all year!

What I’m trying to say is that if you are like me and have to try a lot harder than others to achieve the same outcome then don’t panic. I could not face having to do my second year again and I never want to face this failure again.

How will I make sure I don’t have to put myself through this for the second time?

By putting my all into studying, finding the right method that suites me and making sure I am strict with myself will make all the difference to my work next year. Since working in a real practice I can sit back and take a look at my past and see where changes need to be made. Not only this, but my maturity, knowledge and attitude to work has been moulded and will benefit me greatly in the future.


Moral: We all hit bumps in the road and how we deal with getting over those bumps is a reflection of how much you want to succeed. 

Jumping Hurdles

Good morning fellow bloggers!


Sooooo…it’s time to grab a cup of tea (or hot chocolate because I don’t drink tea) and a cookie, sit down on your comfiest sofa, feet up, blanket on and have a catch up.

Previously I have mentioned how important reflection is. Taking a second to look back and evaluate our choices and decisions. Is everything going to plan? Did you choose correctly? Lets have a think.

For me, this weekend just gone seemed like a bit of a mad rush trying to fit in everything I wanted to get done in a short space of time. From seeing one of my old school friends I haven’t been able to catch up with for over a year which was awesome to starting a sort of new side job. Can we just give some love to her because her stupid now ex boyfriend broke up with her on valentines day! (I never liked him anyway) What’s better than having a little venting session with your pal?

Anyway that was the first thing which was a great start to my weekend, since everyone has branched out, gone to university and doing their own thing, I haven’t seen any of my old friends for sooo long! I had left my boyfriend with my brother to go and see some new film whilst I enjoyed my Costa catch up…sorry not sorry. Again I had left him alone with my whole family this time whilst I went off for an hour to do one of my new little side jobs.

What is this side job?

As I have previously written about becoming a tutor (find it here…In Demand!), I was asked by a young mum on Friday if I would tutor her Primary aged son in a bit of Art. Of course I was going to say yes and I had my first session on Sunday. Now working with children has always been something I enjoy and have done it quite a lot in my time (like I’m some OAP). However, this young lad was very shy and wasn’t the best with communication. Not a problem, I made sure that he was as comfortable as possible and tried to make the lesson fun by structuring it in a way that suited him and what he wanted to do. Sometimes being adaptable for the benefit of others is a great selfless act. It feels amazing to know you’ve helped someone and are making a difference in their life and potentially their future.

It also helps that I get paid to do this, but that’s only a small reason I signed up to this tutoring platform. I hope to make contact with more students across a variety of subject…spread the knowledge!

How can you make a difference and do what you love at the same time?

I would start by thinking about your main passions. Whether that being makeup, baking, gaming, sports, anything! Question yourself, how can you make that into your own little venture? I believe there are endless opportunities and new ideas to be discovered. We all think differently and who knows, you may come up with the next big million pound, dollar, euro whatever…idea!

Take a minute…

I’d love to hear if any of your are starting a new venture or are on the brink of a break through…lets get those creative juices flowing!

Moral: Every so often we need to move into the slow lane and look back at all those hurdles we’ve jumped in order to keep going in the right direction!


Snippet of Motivation

Good morning fellow bloggers!


I’ve had a few days of posting about the awards my lovely blogging friends have nominated me for. I’m so appreciative to have been recognised for my writing and can’t wait to see where blogging could take me! If you’re new to these kind of awards, please go to my last few posts to read about them and you’ll see them roll in very soon I’m sure.


How do I think I was recognised for these awards?

To be honest, I don’t really know, but I’m hazarding a guess here…I pride myself on good grammar for a start, without an easy read I wouldn’t expect readers to engage with my posts. Mainly, I feel like it’s a blend of my writing style where I try to throw in a bit of humour, and the topics I choose to write about. My favourite thing about my blogging journey Is seeing the comments from people who have actually read, taken in and appreciate what I have expressed.

Is trying something new really that scary?

Sometimes yes, but how do we get anywhere if we don’t take the plunge? These things really do pay off guys. Would I have imagined receiving three blogging awards when I started three weeks ago? HELL NO…I didn’t know they even existed until I saw the elites being nominated for them. Good things come to those who wait, but they also come to those who try hard.

Just a short snippet to round up my last few days and a dash of motivation for you lovely people!


Moral: Good things can come to all of us, if you haven’t had it yet, patience and hard work!

Update on your life

Good morning fellow bloggers!


I hope everyone has stayed on track with their new years resolutions. I actually have managed to for once which is new to me. It’s a nice change to feel like I’ve actually achieved something this year simply by sticking to a new regime.

Anyway…I want to revert back to some of my previous posts about the all important note book where we have written our goals and ideas for future success. Why is it so important to regularly update this? Well if you don’t feel the need to update your goals and aspirations then you’ve not been thinking enough about yourself and what you want. It’s okay to be a bit selfish sometimes! I find that by constantly adding either a new goal or even another sentence onto one of my project ideas will help bring me a tiny step closer to reaching them. It’s all about finding what motivates you. The reason I choose to put a long list of goals in the back of my pretty little note book is so that I don’t disappoint myself.

Has anyone else read my note book? No they haven’t, I treat it like a diary of my future. I want to keep on top of myself without anyone else asking if I’ve completed any of them yet. No one needs that extra pressure. I feel that if you do achieve one of your many goals then it can not only benefit you, but benefit those around you in an indirect way. For example, I will share one of my goals that involves others…I would love to be able to buy my parents a holiday. This not only makes me feel good about giving something to the people who raised me, but they have been wanting a break away for a while. What else could make you feel warm inside like that? This is what you need to think about.

Go to your note book and treat it like your life planner. Follow your goals, and help yourself achieve success…I believe in you!


Moral: Be a bit selfish to become a bit selfless!