The Last Day!

Hello my fellow bloggers!

Long time no see my blogging buds. How are you? How are things?

I have been focusing on my work recently as I approach my final day of placement. Apologies for my absence. If you have been with me since I started this journey you’ll know that I have been working for a year now within my industry as part of my university course. If not then go back and read my other posts c’mon!

So…my last day is fast approaching and then I am free for 3 months to do as I please…(within reason).

What would you do if you had 3 months absolutely free at your disposal?

One of my main plans is to get back into the gym and do a bit of swimming in the hope of getting back in shape ready for the start of university again. I am someone who suffers from hyper mobility/hyper extension of the joints or the slang term, ‘double jointed’. This has limited my ability and performance when it comes to training in the gym. If you don’t know what this is, I’ll briefly explain as simply as I can. So like the name states, I have more mobility in my joints than that of a ‘regular’ person. For example, I am able to bend my thumb all the way back to touch my arm, and when I stand If I push my knees backwards my legs will curve as if I’m facing the wrong way. This may look cool and be a little party trick to show your friends, but it can be quite painful at times. I am unable to squat due to my knee becoming weaker making it almost impossible to push myself back up. Obviously this is dangerous with a big weight on my shoulders so I try to avoid that.

However, I am interested and excited to adapt my work outs so I can work just as hard to achieve the best results. One thing I refuse to do is give up and become lazy. Adaptability is essential in all walks of life which has been more than apparent to me this year. From working full-time to tackling my health hurdles, I have made it to the end and given myself the best opportunity and boost in my career. Now I can focus on my life in a different way and I look forward to seeing how I can be the best version of myself.

Hurdles come in a variety of heights, sometimes they get bigger before we reach the end, but finding your way over them is a process well worth putting your all into.

Jumping Hurdles

Good morning fellow bloggers!


Sooooo…it’s time to grab a cup of tea (or hot chocolate because I don’t drink tea) and a cookie, sit down on your comfiest sofa, feet up, blanket on and have a catch up.

Previously I have mentioned how important reflection is. Taking a second to look back and evaluate our choices and decisions. Is everything going to plan? Did you choose correctly? Lets have a think.

For me, this weekend just gone seemed like a bit of a mad rush trying to fit in everything I wanted to get done in a short space of time. From seeing one of my old school friends I haven’t been able to catch up with for over a year which was awesome to starting a sort of new side job. Can we just give some love to her because her stupid now ex boyfriend broke up with her on valentines day! (I never liked him anyway) What’s better than having a little venting session with your pal?

Anyway that was the first thing which was a great start to my weekend, since everyone has branched out, gone to university and doing their own thing, I haven’t seen any of my old friends for sooo long! I had left my boyfriend with my brother to go and see some new film whilst I enjoyed my Costa catch up…sorry not sorry. Again I had left him alone with my whole family this time whilst I went off for an hour to do one of my new little side jobs.

What is this side job?

As I have previously written about becoming a tutor (find it here…In Demand!), I was asked by a young mum on Friday if I would tutor her Primary aged son in a bit of Art. Of course I was going to say yes and I had my first session on Sunday. Now working with children has always been something I enjoy and have done it quite a lot in my time (like I’m some OAP). However, this young lad was very shy and wasn’t the best with communication. Not a problem, I made sure that he was as comfortable as possible and tried to make the lesson fun by structuring it in a way that suited him and what he wanted to do. Sometimes being adaptable for the benefit of others is a great selfless act. It feels amazing to know you’ve helped someone and are making a difference in their life and potentially their future.

It also helps that I get paid to do this, but that’s only a small reason I signed up to this tutoring platform. I hope to make contact with more students across a variety of subject…spread the knowledge!

How can you make a difference and do what you love at the same time?

I would start by thinking about your main passions. Whether that being makeup, baking, gaming, sports, anything! Question yourself, how can you make that into your own little venture? I believe there are endless opportunities and new ideas to be discovered. We all think differently and who knows, you may come up with the next big million pound, dollar, euro whatever…idea!

Take a minute…

I’d love to hear if any of your are starting a new venture or are on the brink of a break through…lets get those creative juices flowing!

Moral: Every so often we need to move into the slow lane and look back at all those hurdles we’ve jumped in order to keep going in the right direction!



Good morning fellow bloggers!


So, last week I came across something that has an impact on one of my future, bigger goals. Not an ideal situation, but I’ve had to think how I’m going to get around it.


What happened?

Well, as stated in a previous blog, I aspire to be a property developer and landlord. I may be a little late to the game and this new rule, but I could be affected when the time comes.

A new legislation is being phased in, beginning mid 2017 (had no idea I wanted to do this at that point so I’ll let myself off). This is all about tax relief (riveting subject I know), but if this is something you have considered too then listen up. Currently, landlords can claim back 75% of their mortgage tax through their rent. By 2021 landlords will not be able to benefit from any tax relief meaning they could be making a loss. Doesn’t make sense? Let me put it like this:

Imagine you have bought a house in 2021. Your annual turnover (money before costs) is 60K, your annual mortgage repayments of 10K and another 8K allowance for other costs. So at the moment to calculate your taxable income you would do:

60,000-10,000-8,000 = 42,000 (this is your final taxable income with 11,500 tax free)

With 75% tax relief, you receive 7,500 back.

Therefore, 49,500 – 11,500 = 38,000 (this is how much you will be taxed on)

In 2021 you would do:

60,000-8,000 = 52,000 (this is your new final taxable income with 11,500 tax free)

Therefore, 52,000 – 11,500 = 40,500 (this is how much you’ll be taxed on)

So, it looks like you’re making more money right? However, the more money you make, the more taxable income you have to be taken. For landlords who have multiple houses and may end up earning more than before will have to pay more than 20% tax. Not only does this mean more tax, but if you have an outstanding student loan or any type of loan, you will have to pay more because you are earning more, even though you haven’t upped your prices.

All things considered, this may only affect a small percentage of landlords, but will mean that the affected can end up making a loss (something none of us want).


Consequences for people who rent (in my opinion):

  • Landlords may push up their prices meaning people who rent cannot afford to any longer.
  • If people cannot afford to rent or buy a house then what other option is there? (homelessness?)
  • If people who rent cannot afford to anymore, houses will be put on the market which is a more expensive option leaving less properties to rent.

Consequences for landlords (in my opinion):

  • Landlords can get stuck if they end up making a loss across multiple houses possibly resulting in something worse (bankruptcy).
  • Pushing rental prices up could mean people will not be willing to pay lowering demand.


How do we get round this?

For landlords this can be simple, put prices up as I stated above, but with high risk. Some other options that require a bit more time could be to either sell up, or apply to become a LTD company (I don’t know much about this, but would like to find out). As for people who rent, it’s all about location, the more popular and upcoming an area is, the higher the rent prices will be. To avoid that I believe the safest way to do so is to relocate to an affordable area and generate some savings for a house deposit. Even though I want to become a landlord I wouldn’t advise young working people to rent because It’s dead money. If you’ve bought a house this can generate more money because property is one of the safest growing investments you can make.

How am I going to go about my dream?

I do research on this everyday. I’m so passionate about it and I WILL make it a reality. It’s important to consider location. Go for something small, affordable and up and coming (too good to be true?), trust me it exists. Decide what your audience is, students, working professionals, families, etc. This also affects your location, you decide which comes first. Look at other houses in the area for growth in prices and look at houses you would consider buying (whether it’s a forever home, or a doer upper). Do you see how you could improve the property? How much would it cost? Is it worth it? Can you afford it?


Sorry for the long post I just had to put it out there. I may have got some of my facts or figures wrong, but I’ve tried to educate as best I can, please correct me if I’m wrong. Also I think it shows how much I really want my dream and how things are possible for everyone from all angles so don’t give up.


Moral: We will hit bumps in the road on our journey to success, but we can always go round, go over and climb them…there is a way!