Planning, Positivity, Pass!

Good morning fellow bloggers!


HUMP DAY! We’re nearly at the end of the week and I have officially got 84 work days left of my placement (minus 19 holiday days) so actually I have 65 days that I have to come into the office! Not that I’m counting or anything!


As excited as I am to have freedom again, I have 6 months until I go back to university to start my final year of study. That’s amazing, but also terrifying.

How am I going to approach my final year?

POSITIVITY! This is so important for me, mainly because I come across a lot of things that I struggle to understand. I tend to feel quite low when I can’t do something, so maintaining that positive attitude is imperative to keep my motivation through the roof. One thing that I have been doing for a while now, and this may sound silly, but I follow a lot of architectural Instagram pages. Simply by saving the innovative ideas that tickle my fancy I can look back on them and use them in my projects to give me that edge to stand out from the others.

I have yet again bought more notebooks. If you have been with me from the beginning of my blog then you’ll know that I love my notebooks and I swear by them. So yes, a notebook for all occasions is necessary. This time I have one to start planning my final year project. By doing this in advance I really want to nail everything I want to incorporate into it. My first 2 years were quite slack and I can now look back and to be honest I see how awful I was and how much I have improved since then.

Advice for students like me!

If I was to give any advice for students who aren’t very good under pressure and need to study a bit more than others to achieve the same result then ‘plan plan plan’. It is so important to get down as many ideas as you can when they pop into your head and to spread the work load. I know no uni student actually starts their work early, but if you have a spare moment or two just get on it, you’ll feel so rewarded. Even just sit in front of the TV and write a few sentences, it’s better than nothing. I think I only managed to do this once throughout my 2 years so far, but that one time I got everything done to a high standard which felt so so good. Not only that, but watching your course mates scrambling around doing all nighters gives me a warm feeling (evil I know).


Moral: Reflect on your experiences so you can plan ahead to improve your future.

Hump Day


The middle of the week…(finally). What gets you up in the morning?

For me…mainly my alarm, but also my drive and determination to succeed. A bit ambitious for a Wednesday morning perhaps, but why the **** not.

I hope by now you’ve got your fancy, little notebook to make all the lists your hands can bare to write down. This is so you can help yourself achieve one of your goals you promised you would last January…(you know the ones).

How do we get through hump day? Most of the time by simply staying awake long enough to do a bit of work during the day. Is that where you really want to be for the rest of your life? If so, then great, I envy you. If not, then where would you like to be in 5 years time. I mean we need to be realistic, but also lets be a bit ambitious, lets challenge ourselves more than we usually would. This is your new title of your next list.

What steps can you take to get you on your way? I have always been looking for the next big thing to make money, how can I do it from home?, how can I do it by myself?, how can I do it with hardly any start up?, (impossible right?). You can’t just jump straight into something, it takes time, effort, and mostly passion…forget about the money for now. Anytime you have an idea, grab that notebook!

One of my ambitions is to be a property developer. At the moment it’s quite far fetched. However I am so determined to reach this goal that I will do whatever I can to get myself there. First of all I looked at what requirements I need to even buy a property to let. Then I evaluate how much this would cost and how I will save the money over a set period of time. Is this realistic? For me I believe I can achieve this, and with the right mindset I think I can go a step further too.

If you want to start your own thing, become a better you, help others, etc. then make that your drive…(it’ll help you get through the weeks, trust me).