Bank Holiday Blues!

Good morning fellow bloggers!


I’m back, after a lovely 5 day break off work! How do I feel….tired, very very tired. It’s always a fun-filled, non-stop time when I visit my boyfriends family. As he is the oldest  of 6 there’s plenty of hyper-active youngsters buzzing to be around a new face (me). Babysitter/girlfriend/entertainer is my full title.

How do I cope with going back into work after time off?

This is something that many people struggle with, that is coming back to work after getting a little bit used to doing your own thing and relaxing. If you have ever had an extended period of time off and then have to return it’s like jumping from being a child to being in full-time work with a house and kids to look after (not that I know what that’s like, but I can imagine). 


Taking it easy is easier said than done, but remember, if you’re working for someone you don’t have to jump straight back in to a heap load of pressure. It is your boss’ duty to maintain the welfare of the employees within their business and if that means that you aren’t quite ready for such a big work load then you take your time and do it at your own pace.

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Getting back into a routine if you have fallen out of the early starts is a tough one. I tend to maintain setting an earlier alarm to keep my body used to waking up at a particular time. There’s nothing worse that going into work on a few hours of sleep…arguably worse than a hangover! If you can sacrifice your lye ins or even bring them forward slightly, you’ll benefit from it when it comes to returning back to work.

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I have previously mentioned about planning ahead to make sure that you have plenty to look forward to and avoid burning out. So, I have a big calendar up on my wall next to my desk with all the day’s holiday I have booked off. By visually seeing how much longer I have left and when my next day off is, even if I’m not doing anything special I am able to give myself something to look forward to.

Remember to help yourself in any way you can to avoid burning out at work due to stress. It is so common to feel over worked and tired simply because you haven’t taken a day off. It’s the little things that help you get through, even if you don’t realise it. 

Sugar Rush


Friday is here! Thank the lord! I think a break is long over due.

After a tiring week I cannot wait to just sit down and pretty much do nothing.

I recently bought a reed diffuser for my room because, you know, I’m a grown up now…(looks around in disbelief). As you can see I was drawn in by the pretty packaging and shiny writing…(clearly I am a grown up). Due to my lack of sugar intake on my new health kick, I felt as though I needed to at least have the scent around me at all times. Maybe I’ve discovered a new form of dieting.

Anyway thanks everyone for sticking with me so far and I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!

Moral: Don’t just buy something because it’s shiny.




Temptation, temptation, temptation. How do we stop ourselves from ruining all the hard work we’ve done this year?

Why am I more motivated to change my health and appearance? Not only to try something new this year, but I’ve even started getting comments from my parents…(never makes you feel good). However, I think with age I have learnt to channel these harsh words to benefit me instead of break me.

When I’ve previously tried to change the way I eat, often I find myself reaching for that sweet cupboard full of goodness…(or is it a bad cupboard?). That would be my tipping point where one small flake turns into me demolishing the whole contents by the end of the week. Obviously we need to treat ourselves or we’ll go into a break down. Since the beginning of the year I am pleased, yet surprised to say I have not fallen off my new lifestyle (round of applause for me). Hopefully I can keep it up as I’m already starting to see the changes in my body.

Over the weekend I bought myself one of those ab wheels…some of you may wonder what is that. Well it looks a little like this…


Weird right? Funnily enough this small, simple contraption has made me feel like I’ve been in the ring with Anthony Joshua going at my midriff for half an hour. If you’re up for a new challenge and want to push yourself to do more exercise without leaving the house…I dare you to give this a go. Even if you only manage a few each day (I could only go half way down 3 times the first time I tried…don’t laugh). You can even find one for £6 in Tesco so no excuses.

Moral: Learn to channel negative energy into your own success

Fill it with dreams


I hope you have all survived the weekend, congrats we’ve made it halfway through January!

I had a productive weekend I suppose, finally got myself that notebook to write down all those ideas buzzing around my head. Even found a fancy little fountain pen to write them with (finally it’s all coming together…sort of). I haven’t actually figured out my next step to achieving my more ambitious goals. For the moment saving is my priority, to reach my most challenging dream this is all I can do for now. What’s stopping me from having a multimedia of startups across the board? Nothing really in all honesty. There’s people that simply want success, and there’s people who want it and will not stop at anything to grab that success. I like to think I am on my way to reaching for that, but who can predict the future.

Although it may seem insignificant, I often look at houses I would aspire to live in when I’m older and for me…that is inspiration enough. It’s so important to have something to aspire to, but how do you find YOUR inspiration? Your family? Your job? Helping others? Giving back? Wanting a better life? Use these to help not only yourself, but those you want in your future.

How do I find the time between work to really focus on making plans outside of work? I often only have an hour or so when I come home to sit and do what I want to do. Something that really helps me relax is getting a few things out of my mind and onto the paper. Atmosphere is imperative, I like to put on a few fairy lights, get down the diffuser, put on some fresh bedding, get my faux fur throw, obviously a bit of real housewives background noise on the TV and just write away.

Make the most of this life, who knows what you could come up with?!

Join me on my Journey



Another day in the office, staring at the same screen, in the same place once again (yawns dramatically). I’m lucky I’m only here on a year out for experience, I don’t think I could hack this for the rest of my life. I suppose that’s the main reason for my drive and passion to achieve more than one averagely might hope for.

The other thing I’m struggling with at the moment is the fact that McDonald’s have rumoured to be releasing a new 50 chicken nugget box!…any one else? One of my smaller targets this year is to limit my fast food/unhealthy food intake, and being away from University makes it a lot easier to be honest. No dirty chicken shops on every street corner waiting to ruin my insides, no Deliveroo at my beacon call. I needed this year out not only for my work experience, but also for my health. Do you have any weaknesses when it comes to food?

I’m thinking of posting a few of my meals, snacks and substitutes to inspire anyone who is as fussy as me when it comes to eating and trying healthier new foods. Will this be helpful?…maybe, will anyone actually be inspired to do the same?…hopefully. Even if I inspire one person to come on this journey with me to become a healthier, happier, wealthier and more determined member of society then I’ve already achieved one of my many goals.


(I’m also yet to buy my own notebook to make all these lists I keep on about!)

Every Day is a New Day

CleanFoodCrush-Tuna-Nicoise-Salad-RecipeThe daily grind, wake up, shower, eat, brush teeth, go to work, eat some more, sleep….and repeat (x1000000).

Well today lets make it a day where you start to plan for your next goal. I always like to write things down due to my sieve of a memory, and it might make you feel as though you have your life together (even if you don’t think so)…baby steps.

Lists, lists and more lists. Get yourself a nice notebook to make it just a little bit more interesting. To start with I would think of a small target or a lifestyle change such as eating a little bit healthier (generic I know), doing 20 push ups a day, be a bit nicer to your mum…unless you are already. This is your new title, your new header, your new goal.

How do you think you can achieve it?

  • Bullet point a variety of things you can easily do to get you a step closer to achieving this.

For example, I have decided to do the typical new years resolution and eat a bit healthier. I’ve always been up and down with my weight, trying to diet one week then before I know it, one kit kat turns into a whole box of heroes (not ideal). It started when I was at university and McDonald’s Monopoly season was upon us…it’s safe to say I ruined my body fairly quickly. Anyway, I try not to dwell on the past and now I am more determined than ever to keep up what I have been doing recently. A big issue I have with dieting is that I am the fussiest person in the world when it comes to eating and trying new things. I struggle to push myself to be more open and end up reverting back to safety and only eating what I know I like.

How do I overcome this? A new notebook is in order…


I’ve written a list of foods that are low calorie, high fibre, high protein and just all round good for me down on my page…(what now?). Now I am going to think of new ways to pair these foods together, new ways to prepare and cook these foods and most of all try new things…(internally screaming).

You’re not alone when it comes to food struggles and trying to generally do something new with your life, we all have our insecurities, it’s just how you manage it…keep setting targets, and get yourself that all important notebook!


(Feel free to ask any questions)

The First Average Post

Happy new year to everyone! Yes, this is another blog by some randomer trying to do something new in 2018. None of this ‘New year, new me’ nonsense, I’m still me and I probably won’t do anything different this year…apart from this.

Have you ever been asked by someone…’What’s your 5 year plan?’, probably over the Christmas holidays when your Nan’s wondering if you’ve got a boyfriend or girlfriend yet, or your auntie Sheila wants to know ‘whats up’ with all the new tech when shes still on the Samsung slidy uppy phone (you know the one). Well here’s to them because this is your year. Get your **** together year!

I’m here to share with you the life of an average young person with huge aspirations…because why not? Hopefully I’ll have achieved something this year to top the last and maybe, just maybe someone will be inspired to do the same.

Over the next (insert amount of time here)…or however long I can keep focused I will be looking at my ‘5 year plan’ and actually doing something about it, join me on my journey!