Time for Your Interests

Good morning fellow bloggers!

I don’t know about you, but this grey weather is making me feel a bit low. It is truly living up to the stereotype that Britain gets for rain and foggy days. Fingers crossed for some sunshine over the weekend, I’m in much need of some vitamin D!

Today I’m going to let you all in on a little hobby of mine. I have briefly mentioned it before, but I want to explain it in a little more depth.

So, since I was in nursery (4/5 years old) I have always had a passion and interest in drawing and colouring in. Since then I’ve pretty much self-taught myself how to draw and gained my own techniques over time. I did study art at GCSE and A-Level stage, but a lot of it was out of my comfort zone and I felt forced to use materials such as water colour paints in my work when that was one of my weakest tools. Something people don’t realise when choosing to study this is that there’s also a heck of a lot of writing involved. I remember writing endlessly about artists I didn’t have a clue existed and making up some bull**** about how the colours represented some emotion. No offence to anyone who actually gets quite into their art, but for me I don’t buy it.

My favourite style of drawing is photo realism…here’s a few of my A-level sketches:

This obviously takes quite a while to do so I haven’t really found the time to draw anything recently. However, when I finish my placement and have more time I want to finish a few pieces I started a while ago. Making time for your hobbies is so important. For me, it really clears and opens my mind which is actually really relaxing. The stress and pressure of work can take its toll in many ways and will affect us differently, even if you may not realise it.

If you don’t have a hobby and want to take up one then why not start or look into it today?

Multi Tasker

Good morning again my fellow bloggers!


Recently I have been thinking about whether or not I want to have a part time job when I return for my final year at university or not. I decided to hold off in my first two years to give myself the best chance of passing. It kind of helped, but since I’ve been so determined to raise funds for my future I’ve been giving it a real good think.

How can I find a job that I don’t mind doing and gives me a decent wage?

I was primarily looking at becoming an after school club leader because it looked and sounded fun, and I wouldn’t have to put in many hours. However I don’t have the desired qualifications which obviously scraps that idea. I enjoy working with children as I was previously a beavers leader which is a group for young boys to meet new friends, go on adventures and build their environmental skills.

So I’ve done some more research and thought…why can I not be a tutor instead of a leader for students younger than myself? I’ve found a website which allows anyone who wants to become a tutor to register with them for parents/anyone who wants to learn to find you. You simply register with a few personal details, select which subjects you wish to tutor in and what qualification/level you’re at, then put a price per hour that you charge for each age group….simple! If you are good at something, why not share your wisdom with others and make a bit on the side. It could end up being great money for you especially as a university student.

One of my subjects I would look to teach is Art. Now you may be thinking…why/how can you tutor art? Well many students and parents want to engage themselves and their children in extra curricular activities, expand their knowledge and learn a new skill. Below is a piece I drew 3 or 4 years ago and since starting my course I’ve been unable to find the time to draw and paint, so this would be a great benefit to me as well as a tutee.


I hope I’ve offered some inspiration and/or motivation to those who think they can’t do both or offered a fresh idea to those who have yet to share the vast wisdom they have!

Moral : Sometimes you can multi task without hindering yourself at the same time, it simply needs a bit of consideration and planning!