I’m Still Alive!

Good morning fellow bloggers!

If you have been following me since the beginning you would have possibly noticed I haven’t been as active as I was recently. Nothing bad has been going on I’ve just been extremely busy balancing my university deadlines whilst working on placement.

You see, It’s not enough that the uni want us to take a year out working, but we also have to complete a multitude of assignments to prove we have successfully complete it. I’m going to write a quick list of everything I’ve had to include in this just so you can understand my pain:

  • Pre-placement CV
  • Post-placement CV
  • Post and pre placement CV review
  • Weekly logs since the start of my year out (45 so far)
  • 1 weekly log in the form of a video
  • 3000 work placement report
  • 15 minute presentation about placement
  • Performance matrix’s from both myself and my supervisor (2 each)
  • Induction checklists
  • Record of formal training

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So…as you can see I have had a lot of things to be getting on with the past few weeks so I’ve not had the time to write many/any blog posts. After my submission which will hopefully be next week, I can get back into writing. I can’t wait to be free of this year guys, I have lots of things to talk about in the coming weeks (very exciting), keep watching this space!


Having a Large Following

Good morning fellow bloggers!

Now don’t let the title fool you. This isn’t some quick fix to getting a load of followers like some people promise, nor is it about me being the most popular blog on WordPress…because I’m most definitely not.

I want to talk about something that has been cropping up quite a lot in various comments I see on both mine and other bloggers posts. This is the somewhat desperation/want to increase ones following, likes and traffic. I understand that some people write their posts purely to see those numbers increase and to make money, but is that the most important thing? In my opinion…no, but others would disagree and I appreciate that.

My main point that may make you feel a bit better about your blog if you fall into this category looks at the real stats. The stats you should be taking notice of are the percentages of your followers who are actually engaging with you and your posts. It’s all well and good having thousands and thousands of followers, but if they don’t actually FOLLOW you then is it really worth it?

I personally follow a few blogs with multiple thousands of followers and there’s two in particular that I see a disparity between. One has close to 6000 and one has close to 8000. The blogger with 6000 has a very loyal, consistent and eager audience where they receive more than 30% of their following interacting, however, I often see the blogger with 8000 receiving less than 5% of their total. Now, this is just from my own observation and I follow blogs because I enjoy reading their content and have made some amazing friends.

When it comes to my own blog, I quite often see more than 20% of my following interacting with my posts which is amazing. Obviously not everyone will be there to comment, like or whatever else, but the fact that as many of you actually do makes me very warm inside!

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What I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been blogging or how many followers, visitors, likes, comments and love you receive on your posts. What matters is the people who support you, the content you write is the best you can make it and you enjoy blogging!

Moral: Make decisions for the right reasons, not just to see those figures rise!

3000 Blog Hits!

Good morning fellow bloggers!

So a few days ago I surpassed 3000 hits on my blog site page. WOW OH MY GOD! I’ve never seen a figure like that on any of my social media pages (the ones you don’t know about). All these milestones are actually amazing and to be honest, I can’t believe that many people have even clicked to visit my page.

One of my aims is to be as open as possible and I do that by being myself and literally writing what I’m thinking (mostly, otherwise I’d probably be removed). A strange concept for someone who is anonymous right? Being more personal in my writing feels so good, it’s like I keep all of these thoughts silent from the people close to me, but let them run wild on my little space here to complete strangers.

Yesterday I had a little conversation with a blogger who has just celebrated their bloggaversary (don’t judge me for that spelling). I won’t mention them, but I want to quickly say this. They seemed very down about only just having reach 100 followers. I understand how important the stats and figures are to us bloggers and I think we’ve all sat there at one point willing those numbers to rise. However, they really aren’t the be all and end all. If you write passionately, structurally aesthetic and communicate with the right audience then the support comes naturally. Everyone’s story is different and I understand that, but be persistent, passionate and persevere. THE 3 P’s! I’ve just made my own little remembery thingy (technical term).

Where was I….

Oh yes, I think what I’m trying to say is do not give up. I try to respond to all of my comments and if anyone would like any advice, motivational chats or anything along those lines, please comment on this post or find me on Twitter because I’m more than happy to talk to any of you!

The Average Aspirant Social Media Block-1

Credit for this beaut social media block : New Lune

Share Your Link! (The Community Pool)

Good morning fellow bloggers!

So a week or so ago I made a couple of posts to offer a platform for bloggers to share their blog page and find new readers/people to interact with.


Here it is again and in the words of Dua Lipa ‘I’ve got new rules’:

  1. Don’t pick up the phone….joking lets be serious…
  2. Write a short piece about yourself and what your blog is about.
  3. Leave a link for everyone to click on and head over to your blog.
  4. Help each other out.
  5. Follow this blog and like this post.
  6. Re-blog this post onto your page to get everyone involved.

As long as you complete all of these rules (especially the first one) then I will head over to your blog and give you some feed back and blogger to blogger love!