Good morning fellow bloggers!

I sit here on a dull Tuesday morning at my desk thinking back on my time I’ve spent within the company I’ve been working for.

For those who do not know I’ll briefly explain what I’ve been up to. As a second year Architectural Technology University student I found myself a year out work placement within a local Architecture practice. I have, to this date been working here for 9 months and obviously that means I only have 3 months left. It’s been enjoyable, but quite tough I can’t lie.

One of my University tutors visits me twice over my time working here, she has already been once and is yet to visit again. Unfortunately I have to do a presentation and a few other things upon her arrival in a few weeks…yay…

So yesterday I began setting up and writing my power point so I’m well ahead of schedule. Even though I’m not quite at the end of my year, I can almost feel the finish line and this presentation has really made me reflect on my experience. If you are a student who has the opportunity to take a year out, I would highly recommend that you put your all into trying to secure one. Not only does it build you as a person, but at this stage in your life people really want to help you get your foot in the door and we all need to take advantage of that.

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A lot of young people don’t realise that by starting things early and making yourself stand out in any way possible will benefit them hugely in the long run. I’m thankful to myself for putting my all into everything I do and I feel like I’ve set myself up well for the future. Without this placement I wouldn’t have realised what my true ambition is, let alone understand how to achieve it.

The main aim of my blog when I first started it back in January was to inspire, motivate and discuss my 5 year plan. I can look back on everything I have done so far (I know it hasn’t been that long) and put into perspective everything I’ve learnt and continue to learn. I speak about reflection quite a lot in my motivational posts because it is the one thing that spurs me on to better myself. Looking back at my mistakes, my weaknesses and my journey allows me to grow.

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I see how my parents feel when they regret not being able to do certain things and I cannot express how much I want to prove myself to them and show them that anyone, even a normal student like me can achieve their own success. That doesn’t mean I’ll be doing it on my own because everyone needs their support system, but my independence means the world to me…and it should to you to.

Moral: It’s never too late to turn things around, take some time to reflect and perspective will shine through!

Strength and Success


Why do Tuesday’s feel worse than Mondays? …anyone? Today isn’t so bad because it’s my first anniversary! (yay)…but i’m stuck at work and my boyfriend is 100+ miles away, so I suppose it could be better.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about independence, and being strong. Mainly in the situations where someone tells you that you can’t do something, or they don’t think you’re good enough, or even just plain old rejection. Why? because I have experienced my fair share of these people and I’ve turned their words into my motivation and success.

To start with I’m going back to when I was in sixth form (although not too long ago, it still is fresh in my mind). I probably experienced some of the worst and best teachers when it comes to empathy, having been through some ordeals, my dreams were consistently shut down. How does it feel being told ‘you’re not smart enough to do what you want to do in life’ by someone who is supposed to be guiding you, pushing you and helping you to achieve just that? Well it definitely put a dampener on things to say the least. The whole time I was studying I was put down again and again and again by multiple tutors, from being told I’m not smart enough to take this exam, to ‘we can’t help you anymore’. How did I overcome years of being metaphorically crushed by my ‘superiors’?…with one hand held by my dad, I fought my way through to get to where I am today. I used these daggers of words to give myself upthrust (see I did listen in physics) into this position.

Where am I today? …I have nearly finished my year out working (placement), which I spent seven months speaking to companies to finally find one practice to take me under their wing. Having come on in leaps and bounds with my technical skills I cannot imagine spending this year doing anything else, it is the BEST thing to do whilst studying at university. At the end of summer I will be returning to university to complete my degree and earn my BSc(hons) in Architectural Technology. Now…would I have predicted myself to be in this position three or five years ago…NO F****** WAY. However, how good does it feel that I am only 21 and am already more successful than those people who tried to stop me from achieving my goals? AMAAAAAZIIIINGGG is the answer!

Moral : Although it seems impossible, you must use the negativity people push upon you to channel your motivation into success.

Join me on my Journey



Another day in the office, staring at the same screen, in the same place once again (yawns dramatically). I’m lucky I’m only here on a year out for experience, I don’t think I could hack this for the rest of my life. I suppose that’s the main reason for my drive and passion to achieve more than one averagely might hope for.

The other thing I’m struggling with at the moment is the fact that McDonald’s have rumoured to be releasing a new 50 chicken nugget box!…any one else? One of my smaller targets this year is to limit my fast food/unhealthy food intake, and being away from University makes it a lot easier to be honest. No dirty chicken shops on every street corner waiting to ruin my insides, no Deliveroo at my beacon call. I needed this year out not only for my work experience, but also for my health. Do you have any weaknesses when it comes to food?

I’m thinking of posting a few of my meals, snacks and substitutes to inspire anyone who is as fussy as me when it comes to eating and trying healthier new foods. Will this be helpful?…maybe, will anyone actually be inspired to do the same?…hopefully. Even if I inspire one person to come on this journey with me to become a healthier, happier, wealthier and more determined member of society then I’ve already achieved one of my many goals.


(I’m also yet to buy my own notebook to make all these lists I keep on about!)

Hump Day


The middle of the week…(finally). What gets you up in the morning?

For me…mainly my alarm, but also my drive and determination to succeed. A bit ambitious for a Wednesday morning perhaps, but why the **** not.

I hope by now you’ve got your fancy, little notebook to make all the lists your hands can bare to write down. This is so you can help yourself achieve one of your goals you promised you would last January…(you know the ones).

How do we get through hump day? Most of the time by simply staying awake long enough to do a bit of work during the day. Is that where you really want to be for the rest of your life? If so, then great, I envy you. If not, then where would you like to be in 5 years time. I mean we need to be realistic, but also lets be a bit ambitious, lets challenge ourselves more than we usually would. This is your new title of your next list.

What steps can you take to get you on your way? I have always been looking for the next big thing to make money, how can I do it from home?, how can I do it by myself?, how can I do it with hardly any start up?, (impossible right?). You can’t just jump straight into something, it takes time, effort, and mostly passion…forget about the money for now. Anytime you have an idea, grab that notebook!

One of my ambitions is to be a property developer. At the moment it’s quite far fetched. However I am so determined to reach this goal that I will do whatever I can to get myself there. First of all I looked at what requirements I need to even buy a property to let. Then I evaluate how much this would cost and how I will save the money over a set period of time. Is this realistic? For me I believe I can achieve this, and with the right mindset I think I can go a step further too.

If you want to start your own thing, become a better you, help others, etc. then make that your drive…(it’ll help you get through the weeks, trust me).