Blogging Awards

Good morning fellow bloggers!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their week, the sun is out here and I’m feeling good. Mainly because I’m off work until next Tuesday, but still I’m buzzing! I think I get more excited about other people’s birthdays than I do my own (my boyfriends on Wednesday). So when I get back from work I’m on balloon blowing up duty and preparing for his arrival tomorrow morning.

Anyway, enough about my personal life. I wanted to talk about something that has been bothering me for a few weeks now about the blogging world. This will be a controversial opinion and I am simply expressing one persons view, but I want to get this out there to clear my mind.

So I’m sure a lot of you will already be aware of the different types of blogging awards that are shared around, but for those who aren’t, here’s a brief summary.


What is a blogging award?

Well, it’s not a physical object that you’re given, it’s a tag which other bloggers link you to as a sign of appreciation for your posts. For example, I have previously been tagged in ‘The leibster blogger award’. This meant that if I were to accept the award I would read the rules within the post of the person who had nominated me and write a post with my answers. In this example, I had to answer 15 questions set by the nominator, tag their blog in my post and then set 15 questions for other bloggers I wanted to nominate for this recognition. A few other examples of blogging awards are :

  • The versatile blogger award
  • The mystery blogger award
  • The sunshine blogger award

…The list goes on.

What is the point of these ‘awards’?

The point of these awards is to give recognition to those blogs that deserve to stand out under an array of topics. From inspiring others, to simply being an awesome new blogger!

To start with I thought oh my god this is amazing, other people are recognising me for my posts and enjoying my content. I felt really good about these in the first month of my journey and I think they are a great boost for those who are just starting out. However, for me…the novelty has worn off. I have been noticing people who are nominating me without even interacting or reading my content (it’s easy to figure out if you check your stats ratios) which then made me think, ‘Are they just looking for a little bit of exposure?’. This may not be the case and I may be over thinking it, but I have to go with my gut on this one and do what’s best for my content.

I wish I didn’t think like this, but I can’t help it and as a result have decided to refrain from posting any more award posts. Don’t get me wrong I’m very happy and appreciative of the bloggers who have previously nominated me for these, but I don’t think they are the kind of posts I want to be sharing with you anymore. I would prefer to focus on my own content prompted by my thoughts and not an ‘award’.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone who may disagree with me, but for those who have nominated me for awards recently and thought ‘why have they not posted mine’, this is why. I’m not saying everyone is looking for exposure because I’m not a big blog and I’m not the most popular one, but there have been one or two that I have picked up on and unfortunately have put me off the concept as a whole.

Sorry to put a little bit of a downer on things, but there we go, these are my feelings and I will do what I have to do to keep myself and my blog as good as it can be. I have made some loyal friends on here and love interacting with them and their posts so my appreciation for blogging is through the roof, but not everything and everyone is perfect.

Moral: You have to do what’s best for you even if that is not respected or agreed with by others.

Having a Large Following

Good morning fellow bloggers!

Now don’t let the title fool you. This isn’t some quick fix to getting a load of followers like some people promise, nor is it about me being the most popular blog on WordPress…because I’m most definitely not.

I want to talk about something that has been cropping up quite a lot in various comments I see on both mine and other bloggers posts. This is the somewhat desperation/want to increase ones following, likes and traffic. I understand that some people write their posts purely to see those numbers increase and to make money, but is that the most important thing? In my opinion…no, but others would disagree and I appreciate that.

My main point that may make you feel a bit better about your blog if you fall into this category looks at the real stats. The stats you should be taking notice of are the percentages of your followers who are actually engaging with you and your posts. It’s all well and good having thousands and thousands of followers, but if they don’t actually FOLLOW you then is it really worth it?

I personally follow a few blogs with multiple thousands of followers and there’s two in particular that I see a disparity between. One has close to 6000 and one has close to 8000. The blogger with 6000 has a very loyal, consistent and eager audience where they receive more than 30% of their following interacting, however, I often see the blogger with 8000 receiving less than 5% of their total. Now, this is just from my own observation and I follow blogs because I enjoy reading their content and have made some amazing friends.

When it comes to my own blog, I quite often see more than 20% of my following interacting with my posts which is amazing. Obviously not everyone will be there to comment, like or whatever else, but the fact that as many of you actually do makes me very warm inside!

Image result for friends hand shaking

What I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been blogging or how many followers, visitors, likes, comments and love you receive on your posts. What matters is the people who support you, the content you write is the best you can make it and you enjoy blogging!

Moral: Make decisions for the right reasons, not just to see those figures rise!

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body!

Good morning fellow bloggers!

A quick update carrying on from yesterday’s post. So to sum up what’s been going on since one of my family members was diagnosed with cancer… Yesterday she went in for life changing surgery and so far we have heard positive news from the nurses. To be honest my stomach made its way back up to the normal position after it dropped hearing the news last week so it’s looking good at the moment. If you haven’t read the post yet, you can find it here.

Onto some more uplifting topics…(slightly) 

If you didn’t already know, I’ve got a week off work next week and I’m absolutely buzzing…yes I’m going to say it everyday until it happens so you’ll just have to deal with it….here’s a clue though….

Image result for french food

I find that when I plan to book a day or a few days off work I need to make the most of it as I’m limited on how many I have left to take. However, even if I just fancy a day off I will do it because having that down time where you don’t have to set your alarm, you don’t have to rush in and get bored with your journey every day and most of all you can do whatever you want (within reason) is soooo important

My older brother hasn’t taken a day off in the last four months which, to me is absolutely crazy and I don’t know how he’s still functioning. What I have noticed however, is how his stress levels are now slowly increasing day by day. Sometimes, even if you feel like you’re on top of everything, others will realise the changes before you do. Being stressed at work quite often results in snapping at the small things at home which obviously creates unnecessary tensions between you and your family…not ideal let’s be honest.

How do you deal with the stresses of work life? 

As I said before, taking the days off that you are entitled to are a great start to relieving that pressure so you don’t burn out. I know how it feels to have your boss/bosses looking over you, expecting you to perform above and beyond your job description. Even when you love your job, things can become overwhelming and you must remember, you’re only one person and you know your limits.

It’s completely normal to be a bit stressed after a hard day in the office, but is it fair to take it out on those around you at home? Not really.

Keep your energy levels high! Quite often we can find ourselves in a rut when it comes to diet and exercise. With such little time to prepare a healthy meal, relax, sleep and get back to work it can be so easy to just get a McDonald’s or order in a takeaway. I understand how hard it can be to fit it all in, but I have managed to personally persevere and get into a routine of preparing double the amount for dinner so I have enough for lunch at work the next day. Not only does this take off the pressure and time you would have spent making something in the morning, but you also benefit from that healthy boost midday.

Making sure you get enough sleep is something a lot of people overlook these days. It’s just as important as a healthy diet. Sleep allows your body to regenerate and enable you to start again the next day. Get rid of those shopping bags under your eyes, and YES it does also help with weight loss so I want all of you to go to sleep and shed those pounds!

Moral: Healthy body, healthy mind…It works both ways people! Be smart and go to sleep!

Surprises and…Surprises?

Good morning fellow bloggers!

I’m going to set the mood with a few things that have been going on in my life recently.

To begin, last week I was given some of the worst news I think I’ve ever heard in my life so far…One of my family members has been diagnosed with cancer. I have never really been faced with hearing this word before, but I can tell you it is one of the most cutting. For a few days I obviously had to let my emotions out and come to terms with what is actually happening and going to happen.

I felt like all hope was lost and I didn’t know how I was going to cope with this. However, I’ve gathered my thoughts and tried to keep calm so I can maintain a positive attitude. One of the easiest things to do in this situation is to shut yourself away, but it’s also one of the worst. Having people around to support you, people who are sometimes going through or have experienced the same thing are more than willing to help you through such a tough time.

Today my said family member is going in for an operation to hopefully improve their quality of life, extend their life and get them back on track again. Every inch of me is crossed for them and I remain positive, yet realistic.

Anyway, I had to let that out so now onto some good news…

Next week I have 7 days off work for my boyfriends 21st birthday which I am buzzing for. The best thing is that I’ve booked a surprise for him which he has no clue as to what it may be. He’s one of these people who is so easily pleased you could give him a lemon and he’d be thankful for it. To be honest, he may even pass out when he finds out what we’re doing.


If you want to know what it is too then you’ll just have to wait until April for me to talk about it…sorry not sorry.

Not only do I get a break, but it’s also pay day for me next week which takes us to the end of March already…where has 2018 gone already?! This week needs to fly by so I can take my mind off work and focus on eating and drinking nice things (within my diet). 

Image result for eating doughnuts

Moral: When things in life don’t go to plan, the best thing to do is to take a step back and make a new plan!

Planning, Positivity, Pass!

Good morning fellow bloggers!


HUMP DAY! We’re nearly at the end of the week and I have officially got 84 work days left of my placement (minus 19 holiday days) so actually I have 65 days that I have to come into the office! Not that I’m counting or anything!


As excited as I am to have freedom again, I have 6 months until I go back to university to start my final year of study. That’s amazing, but also terrifying.

How am I going to approach my final year?

POSITIVITY! This is so important for me, mainly because I come across a lot of things that I struggle to understand. I tend to feel quite low when I can’t do something, so maintaining that positive attitude is imperative to keep my motivation through the roof. One thing that I have been doing for a while now, and this may sound silly, but I follow a lot of architectural Instagram pages. Simply by saving the innovative ideas that tickle my fancy I can look back on them and use them in my projects to give me that edge to stand out from the others.

I have yet again bought more notebooks. If you have been with me from the beginning of my blog then you’ll know that I love my notebooks and I swear by them. So yes, a notebook for all occasions is necessary. This time I have one to start planning my final year project. By doing this in advance I really want to nail everything I want to incorporate into it. My first 2 years were quite slack and I can now look back and to be honest I see how awful I was and how much I have improved since then.

Advice for students like me!

If I was to give any advice for students who aren’t very good under pressure and need to study a bit more than others to achieve the same result then ‘plan plan plan’. It is so important to get down as many ideas as you can when they pop into your head and to spread the work load. I know no uni student actually starts their work early, but if you have a spare moment or two just get on it, you’ll feel so rewarded. Even just sit in front of the TV and write a few sentences, it’s better than nothing. I think I only managed to do this once throughout my 2 years so far, but that one time I got everything done to a high standard which felt so so good. Not only that, but watching your course mates scrambling around doing all nighters gives me a warm feeling (evil I know).


Moral: Reflect on your experiences so you can plan ahead to improve your future.