A-Z Experiences…Part 2

Hello Fellow Bloggers! Me Again!


I know I’ve already posted today, but when I get a thought I have to write it down ASAP or I’ll forget it (my memory is like a sieve).

I want to do an N-Z (A-M was yesterday: A-Z Experiences) of my uni/work life so far which was inspired by a blog post I just came across….here we go:


N – New Start: I love having a new start, from starting university to starting a new project. It allows me to refresh my mind, focus on something else and sometimes forget the past. In particular, starting university was a great new start for me because I started to feel heavy under the people at school who made me uncomfortable. 

O – Objectives: I always set myself objectives, throughout my time at university I don’t think I would of achieved the grades I did without this. Even if it’s something small, like going to the library for at least two hours...(sometimes half of that was spent eating and chatting, but I still went!).

P – Persevering: When I began my university course I had no experience what so ever and I didn’t really know how I was going to do 3/4 years of it. However, I was so keen to learn and engage in the subject that I have now reached a high point in my learning and since starting work I have never felt more knowledgeable and capable. 

Q – Quickie: Look away mum…you’ll find that if you did a survey around any university campus about one night stands then you’d need a very big graph for all the yes’s you’d receive. Getting a bit personal, I have only had one and that was when I went on a mad one after my 4 year young relationship. I don’t particularly advise it, but if you want to have fun then go ahead...(always wear protection guys, never know what’s lurking in these slimy students!)

R – Rejection: This isn’t something I didn’t experience a lot of until I became closer to an adult age (18). The first thing was being rejected from my desired uni which I had fought hard to secure a potential position for (kind of sucked, but worked out well for me in the end because I am where I am now). The next phase of rejection was when I was searching for a placement. I mean it wasn’t directly rejection because most companies just didn’t even give me a yes or a no. After 7/8 months of efforts to secure a work placement year I finally did it (hard work does pay off). Advice for any employers who have interviewed students…PLEASE just let them know even if it’s a no.

S – Selflessness: Sometimes we all need to be a bit selfless. I like to think that I am a very compassionate person and a good friend. Recently one of my close house mates (like a brother) found out some bad news within his family…his mum has been diagnosed with cancer. What can I do to help? I can’t do much, but I can be there for him and offer as much support as I can possibly give. Even if that’s simply sending a box of chocolates. Another act of selflessness I carried out was giving a free food voucher for a local bakery to a homeless person. I’ll admit I don’t normally give money to people who are homeless (being a student and all), but I would much rather give something that I know can only be used for that one thing rather than money that may be wasted on alcohol or cigarettes (from experience not stereotyping).

T – Time: Something I recently have been putting into perspective. I know I’m only 21, but I still panic that I haven’t done enough with my life, I haven’t been successful enough yet. In reality I have loads of time, but I kind of set myself ‘life deadlines’ where I want to achieve certain milestones by a certain age…anyone else?.

U – University: The biggest, most life changing step in life I have ever taken. Simply, I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t taken this leap. I would advise anyone to to do it if you’re considering this as an option! It moulds you as a person, you meet life friends and even partners and you give yourself a greater chance in the working world (not always, but in my case).

V – Vodka: The essential university item. There’s always a Smirnoff bottle in my cupboard, in my room or even in my bag. I actually don’t like the taste of alcohol if I’m honest, and I don’t know how people drink it so often. However, when I do drink it’s got to be a vodka, lemonade and lime mix! Mainly because it tastes like a normal drink, not alcoholic!

W – Weight: This isn’t something I always struggled with, but when I was younger I struggled with eating and now I can’t stop eating. Although this year I have taken drastic measures to get myself back on track. YES McDonald’s tastes like heaven, YES I was to bathe in a bathtub of KFC, but I also want to look like a Greek goddess so these things need to be done!

X – X-Rays: I’ve had plenty of these throughout my time on this planet. The most memorable one was last year at a club when I was at university. A guy I knew kept asking me to punch him really hard in the stomach…the effects of alcohol guys. So I did the smart thing and punched him as hard as I could obviously…and yes I ended up in A&E with a broken arm (don’t mess with me).

Y – Youthful: I don’t feel like I wasted my youth, but I also wish I had done a few things differently. Such as not get into an immature relationship from 13-17 and be trapped for 4 years of my life (still bitter). Also I don’t think I pushed myself to my full learning ability, it went downhill when I was in sixth form. Although it hasn’t affected where I am now, it could’ve and I may have been in a very different situation.

Z – Zebra….because no one knows any words beginning with Z!

Anyway…that’s the end of my little A-Z blog, I quite enjoyed it actually! Thank you for reading about me if you got this far!


Moral: No word beginning with Z applies to my life, if there’s one that applies to yours, I applaud you!

A-Z Experiences

Hello Fellow Bloggers! Me Again!


I know I’ve already posted today, but when I get a thought I have to write it down ASAP or I’ll forget it (my memory is like a sieve).

I want to do an A-M (N-Z tomorrow) of my uni/work life so far which was inspired by a blog post I just came across….here we go:

A – Adolescence: going to university is kind of like the end of these years and you now have to become responsible for yourself as the adult you are.

B Booze: I think we all know what goes on at university regarding this! Yes sometimes, some of us consume a lot of it and end up throwing up blue sparkly spirits in our nice clean toilet...(I couldn’t help it okay).

C Clubbing: I think everyone needs to experience a university night club if they have the opportunity. Your routine is based around this. A common conversation I had with my best mate:

Her: Are you coming out tonight?

Me: Nah, can’t be bothered.

Her: Go on…

Me: FIIIINE you’ve convinced me…(doesn’t take a lot)

D – Driving: When I first passed my driving test I was soooo happy, being able to drive and have my own car gives me so much freedom. Do I take my car to uni? No, I prefer to walk into my lectures like most other students, plus you get to see new faces everyday. I brought my car up when exams had finished so I could go a bit further out and not be so limited, but either way it’s awesome!

E – Eating Well: This can be a problem for many people at uni. Luckily in my first year I didn’t gain any weight…I may have even lost some! Second year was a different story! I think I gained well over a stone, partly from being in a relationship where you both just want to sit and watch things whilst you eat nice food. Now…I am facing the repercussions and have changed my lifestyle. Since the beginning of this year I have lost a stone and am on a path to a healthier me (something I have always longed for). 

F – Food: Now we all know that the majority of students are on a budget and may have little cooking skill. Luckily my lovely mother taught me how to survive cooking for myself over many years. One thing I loved doing was making the flat roast. The fact that I knew how to cook a chicken without getting ill baffled my housemates!

G – Groceries: Something I discovered at university was getting your food shopping delivered! I mean I knew it existed, but I never used it before then. I LOVE it. My housemates and I would do our weekly shop online and have a race for whose delivery would arrive first. It was like a present from me to me!

H – Housework: Now this was a massive problem in my second year house because there was 11 of us in one house using one kitchen and one living area (I would advise anyone never to do this). I don’t mind if people want to keep their rooms in a state, but when it comes to communal areas…it’s a no from me. I always felt like the nagging mother, but when there’s a science lab of bacteria growing by your sinks I think I kept quite calm about it!

I – Intelligence: I’m not the smartest of people, I didn’t get the best grades in school, but I work really hard and have gotten myself to where I am today through my determination which I guess can indicate a glimmer of intelligence. However, grades do not define you people!

J – Job: At university I personally didn’t have a job because I wanted to give myself the best chance of achieving high without an added pressure and time taken away from my studies. I think in my final year I will be looking for a job that isn’t in retail (not had good experiences) so I can kind of look forward to work and earn some extra money!

K – kinaesthetic learning: Is a learning style in which the learning takes place by students carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. This is the way that I learn and I have had to adapt myself to make it work withing my university studies.

L – Love: This is something you see around everyday…Valentines is coming up! You hear all the time how people met at university and are still together now. I am lucky that I have found it and fall into that stereotype, but I think there’s too much pressure around to find someone these days. Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Bumble, Badoo…the list goes on, yes I did used to be on a few, but after having over 25,000 messages I thought it’d be best if I delete them. Despite being in a relationship I STILL receive creepy messages from guys.

M – Money: Majority of students struggle with this, lets not lie. I managed to keep myself afloat by making smart decisions, but I also made some bad decisions. One of these being I kept ordering bubble tea from Deliveroo. What is bubble tea you ask…AMAZING…there’s a picture below, it’s a fruity or milky drink with little flavour filled bubbles you pop in your mouth! I did however manage to keep my weekly food shop to £25 a week which I think is pretty good.

bubblelicious tea.jpg