Be Your Own Person!

Good morning fellow bloggers!

I hope anyone who has been blessed with this lovely sunshine is enjoying some vitamin D, soak some up for me whilst I’m stuck in this office please. Wasn’t it snowing last week?

Annnnyyyywaaaay…lets talk about something I’ve seen rise within the people around me. I’m talking about being easily influenced by others.

Are you strong enough to stand up for yourself if you think differently to someone?

I see a particular trait mainly in younger people. Being impressionable can sometimes be a good thing, but quite often, not so much. If your friends are starting smoking, or want to get someone older to buy them alcohol, but you don’t want to do that, then you need to stand up for yourself and not be intimidated by these influences. I think most people realise that when you leave school, you may stay in contact with a few people, but mostly you never even see them again. If you do still have contact with lots of school peers then you are an anomaly. Making the most of your time in school and staying true to yourself is SO IMPORTANT! Know who your real friends are.

School is all about the ‘Clique’ …

A group of people such as friends. Often used when discussing stereotypes. 
Stereotypical meaning: Group of goths, preps, emos, punk, etc.
If you don’t fit into a certain group then it’s quite easy to feel left out. This is something that can follow with you and stick as you get older. Maybe it’s part of human nature I don’t know. Does that mean people should push you away? No, I never thought I fitted into any particular group of people so I tended to float around as I had friends all over the place. It didn’t bother me that I wasn’t ‘categorised’ for want of a better word, I can look back and know that I was myself and didn’t try to fit into a group that wasn’t right for me.
So…the other day I was walking out of Tesco with my mum when I noticed a group of, what I would guess…15 year old’s sitting in the car park. At first I thought ‘do you not have anything better to do with your Sunday afternoon?’, until I saw them approach two slightly older looking girls. I don’t know what they had asked them, but not too long after the security guard came out to have a word with the young lads.
I can only assume they had asked them to buy them alcohol, cigarettes or were generally harassing them. The main thing I noticed however, was that there was five all together, but only three stood up and started back chatting to the security guard, where as the other two began to walk away. Was this because they were scared to get into more trouble? Maybe they were making a decision to remove themselves from the situation and let their ‘friends’ run their mouths? Who knows, but what I do know is that these types of intimidating instances happen all too often.

Moral: Strength comes in many forms, and being true to yourself is a very important life skill we all need to uphold!

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