Birthday Surprise!

Good morning fellow bloggers!

A quick round-up of my weekend for you…I mostly sat around eating the rest of my Easter eggs (bare with me), apart from one event which has now made my life a little bit more painful. SO….In my bedroom stands a floor to ceiling mirror. Being so big the frame of said mirror has to be quite sturdy which in turn makes it rather wide and made of metal. Being the clumsy person I am, I was walking back into my room when I caught the side of my left foot on the base of my mirror. I carried on walking only to leave two of my toes wrapped around the frame where I then heard *crack*…yes my two toes are now black and blue and incredibly painful. YAY ME!

ANYWAAAAAY…I am finally going to let you all in on the birthday surprise I planned for my boyfriends 21st birthday just over a week ago. So he is a massive fan of travelling and loves exploring new places. After mentioning a few places he really wants to visit with me I thought I’d make one of them a reality.

IMG_0754 (2).JPG

PARIS! Yes I took him (and myself) to Paris. The only downside was that it was raining pretty much most of the day and my nice white shoes became a new shade of grey. Being students we are limited on our spending and I did splurge on the trip itself, but when we arrived we decided to walk or use the metro instead of taxi’s for most of the day. If you’ve ever tried to use the underground in a foreign country and managed to get around without making any mistakes, then I applaud you. Not only did we not know where we were half the time, but we can’t read or speak French which meant trying to find the correct line and area to go to was a bit of a task.

Eventually we managed to find the Eiffel tower which everyone has to see when they go to Paris of course. I’m not the most patient person so after a lot of moaning and 25,000 steps we finally arrived to see the amazing site. For me to say something was impressive is quite a feat because I’m not easily pleased. If you’re looking for a new travel destination and haven’t visited before I would recommend it highly.

The amount of patisseries is overwhelming and if you’re anything like me and love looking at all the innovative creations then you’ll be in heaven. As we went around Easter time, the main bulk of the food we saw was egg related, not that I’m complaining, although the prices weren’t anything to shout about (other than WOOAH because it’s expensive).

So yeah, that was the main highlight of my time off work as well as visiting friends and family. Who else can say they went to Paris for the day on their 21st birthday? (I know I’m the best girlfriend) 🙂

7 thoughts on “Birthday Surprise!

  1. the britchy one

    Broken toes hurt like heck and there’s nothing they do for them – I’m forever breaking my toes because I’m both clumsy and have had osteoporosis since I was way too young for it. Don’t be tempted to strap the broken toe to another with tape because trying to get the blasted stuff off is excruciating 😖

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