Shout Outs!

Good afternoon fellow bloggers!

It’s finally Friday and I’m buzzing for the weekend! So lets kick off with my first shout out post. Following my previous post I set out to find 10 blogs within my comments that I enjoyed reading and discovering to link within this post (Find it here…). Rather than nominating people for meaningless (in my opinion) awards I have decided that focusing on a more personal level is much more my kind of thing. Here we go:

Avesha Empower – This is a new blogger for me. I LOVE their posts and if you’re looking for a new, interesting read then head over to her page. You’ll find some inspiring, eye opening and all round awesome content.

Dabble – This is a blogger who has been very active within my posts which I LOVE…loyalty is everything people! If you’re an avid reader and enjoy a great read then head over to their blog! Some very inspiring posts on there.

Kelsey Writess – This is a blogger I very much enjoy engaging with. Her posts are bright, bubbly and uplifting. Everyone needs a bit of excitement in their life so if you’re feeling a bit grey, I advise you to give this one a read!

Cole Camp Fire – This is an all rounder blog. Whatever you’re looking for, however you’re feeling, there’s something for everyone on here. Another uplifting blog from a family is always welcome in my mind!

Walk the Goats – This is a blogger I have recently discovered and engaged with. They find a way to manipulate our words into a thoughtful process. Something I have not come across before, but have very much enjoyed reading!

Curiosity – This is a blog I very much loved delving into. Thought provoking and inspiring for those who enjoy quotes and travelling.

Ardor’s Garden – This is a blog I have not seen before, but has opened my mind to something new. With some lovely poetry and heartfelt posts this is one everyone can enjoy!

Today’s Agenda – With such a range of topics that not only inspire, but also educate, how can you not find something that will interest your mind? Check out this blog and see if you can relate!

Kittyd8 – This bloggers page caught my eye from the bright and pleasing home page they have designed. I always find this kind of imagery so calming and inviting. Their posts flow nicely and are so easy to read, worth checking out!

Reverse Science – Another one for those avid readers out there. If you’re looking to challenge your mind and discover something new then head over to this blog. I’ve opened my eyes to a new intelligence!


So…congrats to all that have been quoted on this post, that doesn’t mean that the others who commented, but were not chosen are not good blogs. I will be doing another post like this soon so please keep a look out and hopefully I can shout you out too! Thank you to all that participated I really enjoyed reading some new blogs and seeing the diversity within the blogging world!

23 thoughts on “Shout Outs!

  1. Walk the Goats ~ Cindy

    Seeing Walk the Goats on your first shout-out was a great lift. Thank you!

    I’m trying to figure out how to describe what my blog is about so it was interesting to see how you handled it. And kudos to you for taking 10 blogs and delivering quick overviews. You’ve given me some new ones to explore. Thank you for THAT too!!

    Very cool idea. And another great post to your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mom2times

    Thanks for highlighting these great blogs! I have visited each one because of your post and it is so wonderful to read such diverse work and feel inspired to write my next entry. Really enjoy your work!

    Liked by 1 person

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