Having a Large Following

Good morning fellow bloggers!

Now don’t let the title fool you. This isn’t some quick fix to getting a load of followers like some people promise, nor is it about me being the most popular blog on WordPress…because I’m most definitely not.

I want to talk about something that has been cropping up quite a lot in various comments I see on both mine and other bloggers posts. This is the somewhat desperation/want to increase ones following, likes and traffic. I understand that some people write their posts purely to see those numbers increase and to make money, but is that the most important thing? In my opinion…no, but others would disagree and I appreciate that.

My main point that may make you feel a bit better about your blog if you fall into this category looks at the real stats. The stats you should be taking notice of are the percentages of your followers who are actually engaging with you and your posts. It’s all well and good having thousands and thousands of followers, but if they don’t actually FOLLOW you then is it really worth it?

I personally follow a few blogs with multiple thousands of followers and there’s two in particular that I see a disparity between. One has close to 6000 and one has close to 8000. The blogger with 6000 has a very loyal, consistent and eager audience where they receive more than 30% of their following interacting, however, I often see the blogger with 8000 receiving less than 5% of their total. Now, this is just from my own observation and I follow blogs because I enjoy reading their content and have made some amazing friends.

When it comes to my own blog, I quite often see more than 20% of my following interacting with my posts which is amazing. Obviously not everyone will be there to comment, like or whatever else, but the fact that as many of you actually do makes me very warm inside!

Image result for friends hand shaking

What I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been blogging or how many followers, visitors, likes, comments and love you receive on your posts. What matters is the people who support you, the content youΒ write is the best you can make it and you enjoy blogging!

Moral: Make decisions for the right reasons, not just to see those figures rise!

18 thoughts on “Having a Large Following

  1. dabble72

    Thanks for pisting this. I am at that precise point with my writing. I attract minimal viewers from post to post. I enjoy every comment that flows my way. That in it self keeps me going a d engaged.But the statistics and analytics portion of the blogging world is so much like the Dr Jekyl a d Mr.Hyde analogy. It can be so over powering that it detracts from the actual goal.
    So, thanks again. It was refreshing to hear your poiny of view.

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  2. personalgrowthsuccessblog

    Wow!! Believe it or not, but I’ve noticed this exact same thing!! It’s a little mind boggling to see someone have over 6,000 followers but on most of their post they only have like 50 likes or less and it makes me wonder why…? You worded everything in this post so wonderfully! I’m looking forward to growing my blog too but I appreciate it most when my followers are actually engaging into my posts! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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  3. dabble72

    I have a quick question.. Your blog is great but you seem to be in the same area as myself where you comment on the daily goings on of everyday life. What is your end goal. Will you try to monetise at some point or turn this into an income?

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    • averageaspirant

      I mix between my life experiences and motivational posts, whatever comes to mind I let it flow. My end goal is to motivate and inspire others to achieve their own success. I’m on my own journey as a young individual and I want to show that you can do what you put your mind to whatever your age. I don’t think I would look to monetise directly through WordPress like ads and things like that, but possibly writing some E-books or anything along those lines 😁 obviously I’m still very small though so it might not even be worth it πŸ™†πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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