3000 Blog Hits!

Good morning fellow bloggers!

So a few days ago I surpassed 3000 hits on my blog site page. WOW OH MY GOD! I’ve never seen a figure like that on any of my social media pages (the ones you don’t know about). All these milestones are actually amazing and to be honest, I can’t believe that many people have even clicked to visit my page.

One of my aims is to be as open as possible and I do that by being myself and literally writing what I’m thinking (mostly, otherwise I’d probably be removed). A strange concept for someone who is anonymous right? Being more personal in my writing feels so good, it’s like I keep all of these thoughts silent from the people close to me, but let them run wild on my little space here to complete strangers.

Yesterday I had a little conversation with a blogger who has just celebrated their bloggaversary (don’t judge me for that spelling).ย I won’t mention them, but I want to quickly say this.ย They seemed very down about only just having reach 100 followers. I understand how important the stats and figures are to us bloggers and I think we’ve all sat there at one point willing those numbers to rise. However, they really aren’t the be all and end all. If you write passionately, structurally aesthetic and communicate with the right audience then the support comes naturally. Everyone’s story is different and I understand that, but be persistent, passionate and persevere. THE 3 P’s! I’ve just made my own little remembery thingy (technical term).

Where was I….

Oh yes, I think what I’m trying to say is do not give up. I try to respond to all of my comments and if anyone would like any advice, motivational chats or anything along those lines, please comment on this post or find me on Twitter because I’m more than happy to talk to any of you!

The Average Aspirant Social Media Block-1

Credit for this beaut social media block :ย New Lune

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