The Beast From the East

Good morning fellow bloggers!


SO! Who has heard or experienced this ‘Beast from the East’? I certainly have been in the midst of it all. Currently waiting for the big fall to come this afternoon which will be oh so fun! *rolls eyes*.

What is ‘The Beast from the East’? 

You can find out and educate yourself here… The Beast from the East . 


(Picture from the BBC)

In short:

Blizzards, strong winds, drifting snow and the bitter cold has caused death and disruption as the weather system nicknamed the “Beast from the East” combined with Storm Emma to create some of the most testing weather experienced in the UK for years.

The Met Office issued a red warning – its most severe alert – on Thursday as temperatures plunged and up to 50cm (20 inches) of snow fell on high ground. Forecasters said the harsh conditions could continue in some places into next week.

So basically a red weather warning is the most severe rating that could be issued indicating that there is a risk to life and you should not travel unnecessarily. To my knowledge the two places so far to have been given the red warnings are the South of Wales and areas within Scotland. If your area falls within the red radius then you won’t be insured if you drive. BE CAREFUL EVERYONE IN ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES!

I attempted to go into work yesterday,  but I’m not going to lie if I skid in the snow I scream and start planning my own funeral. I got half way there and had to turn back after being stuck for over an hour.

Today, I braved it once again, skidding on every road my wheels touched I can safely say I may have broken my voice box. Imagine a small child on a huge roller coaster whose just had some helium and is screaming the whole time. That was me this morning, BUT I made it in and I’m proud of myself. If I see even one small flake fall past my window I’ll be out of here like Bambi on ice.

As much as I love the snow, I only love it from a distance…


Moral: STAY SAFE EVERYONE! I also really want to see everyone’s snow pictures please send me some on Twitter! 

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15 thoughts on “The Beast From the East

  1. New Life Fresh You

    You are very brave:)). I am at home and not intending to drive today(my work is about 40 minutes drive) soooo, no thank you. By the way, I live in Wales and here started to snow again!

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