How I Quadrupled my Traffic in Less than a Month!

Good morning fellow bloggers!


I’m going to be catching up on a small backlog I’ve built up due to being a bit busier over the last few weeks I haven’t found the time to keep up. Anyway today I’ll be posting more than once to get everything up to date and keep the blog as fresh as the snow I’m hoping to fall so I don’t have to go into work!


So here we go. Since starting my blog I have slowly, but steadily watched my traffic and popularity increase as time has gone on. It’s not even the end of my second month blogging and I have already drummed up 4 times the amount of hits, views, visitors, likes etc. than I had in my first month. I expect this happens to a lot of new bloggers as you start to establish yourself.

What have I done differently or kept up with?

It’s all about evaluating your posts and seeing what people are actually reading and making sure you’re consistent with your writing. Daily posts, weekly posts, whenever you find the time. So this includes how many views, visitors, likes and overall interest you get for each post. However, it’s not only about looking at the figures, you must also look at the best time of day and the day itself to catch people when they are delving into the site’s content. If you’re particularly looking to increase your traffic you need to look at this and make a decision as to what content you are going to include in future posts. If you simply have to get your ideas down as soon as they pop into your head then you ca even schedule your posts so they go live at a certain time. This can be done in the publishing tab when you’re writing. Simply click the blue button ‘publish’ and you’ll have the option to ‘Publish Now’ or check below and choose ‘Schedule’ where you can choose your optimum time. The stats tab is awesome on WordPress because it’s so clear to see the most popular elements of your blog.

Tip: Don’t forget to use tags within your posts! This consists of a few key words that you link to your posts so that when people search for things they’re interested in they can arrive at your page without typing in anything too specific!

Recently I have started using twitter for my blog and really engaging within the social media platform. I must say that if you don’t already have it you NEED to download it NOW! The support within the blogging world on all platforms is amazing. I discovered something called a ‘Blogging Follow Train’. What’s that? It’s self-explanatory (sort of). So bloggers who generally have thousands of followers make a post where others can re-tweet (post the tweet to their page for others to see) to their page, like the post, leave a link to their blog and find other bloggers within that post to follow and interact with…similar to some things within Word Press, but open to all. It’s like helping each other grow whilst growing ourselves…win win! Since engaging within the Twitter Blogging community I have found that my number of followers and readers increased instantly. Even on Twitter having only used it properly for a week or so I have gained over 100 followers. (check my links at the bottom to follow me on Twitter or Instagram)

I must mention, I do this because I believe in my own journey and want to share my words through my passion that is writing. It’s not always about having thousands of people visiting your site and trying to make money from this, but I understand that it helps which is why I am making this post.

What do I plan to do to keep growing?

Currently my plan is to keep writing and interacting with my blogging buddies that I have made already as well as explore some new platforms. In particular I am going to look at Pinterest. I don’t know a lot about it, but I know the basics and that apparently it is a bloggers heaven. I will keep everyone updated on what I’m going to be doing and how it affects my blog in a positive or negative way.

Not to forget that every week I make my little post on ‘The Community Pool’ which is a post written by ‘The Daily Post’ which allows new bloggers and existing bloggers to let everyone know what they’re about and attract new readers as well as make new friends. Don’t forget every Monday/Tuesday (depending where you are on this planet) you can find this post and give yourself that little boost.

I hope this helped anyone who was looking for a little bit of inspiration on where to turn next and if anyone is a pro on Pinterest please help me out, any tips for getting started? Much love!


Moral: It’s not always about the numbers, you need to do these things to make yourself feel good as well as others. However, If you’re feeling low about not having many people visiting your site, don’t panic, there are so many ways to meet new people, you simply have to put yourself out there and it will come!

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22 thoughts on “How I Quadrupled my Traffic in Less than a Month!

  1. New Life Fresh You

    This is great and I agree with Twitter. You can gain lots of traffic using it. Also, I recommend Pinterest and Facebook blogging groups. Another tip is trying to post constantly. This worked for me so far. And I also hope that weโ€™ll have some snow this weeks so I can skip work for few days ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™ˆ

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Chris

    Great info. I have found that posting on StumbleUpon has helped get a few more visitors to my site. I am on Pinterest but I really have no clue how to use it effectively. I love this continual journey of exploring and learning..

    Liked by 2 people

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