Share Your Link! (The Community Pool)

Good morning fellow bloggers!

So a week or so ago I made a couple of posts to offer a platform for bloggers to share their blog page and find new readers/people to interact with.


Here it is again and in the words of Dua Lipa ‘I’ve got new rules’:

  1. Don’t pick up the phone….joking lets be serious…
  2. Write a short piece about yourself and what your blog is about.
  3. Leave a link for everyone to click on and head over to your blog.
  4. Help each other out.
  5. Follow this blog and like this post.
  6. Re-blog this post onto your page to get everyone involved.

As long as you complete all of these rules (especially the first one) then I will head over to your blog and give you some feed back and blogger to blogger love!


4 thoughts on “Share Your Link! (The Community Pool)

  1. Angelina

    Hi all! In short, my blog is a diary, I write about things i’ve come across. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.. and I’d love to read yours as well.. let’s improve our writings together!! Here’s the link..


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