Purple Panic

Good morning fellow bloggers!

I hope you are all well rested and had a lovely sunny weekend. The Monday rain is surrounding me…*sarcastically* yay just what I needed this morning!


So you’re probably thinking, what the hell is your title all about? Mwahaha I’m not telling you



…..only joking.

Well…lets start from the beginning. This is a small insight to the way I look for all that are curious of my identity. I recently changed my dark hair colour to a brown and blonde ombre effect (see below…it’s not actually me). 


So this was initially what I was going for all be it I wanted it to be a bit lighter, but my hair was too dark. After a few sessions of bleaching with my hairdresser I had well and truly killed my hair and achieved a yellow coloured blonde…not what I was hoping for.

I took things into my own hands and bought one of these silvering shampoos…you know the purple ones you see advertised all the time. Do they work? I was sceptical to be honest.

Anyway, it arrived last week and I couldn’t wait to use it. Warning…shower talk.

In the shower I poured some of this shampoo into my hand and I thought to myself ‘My god that looks dark!’. I used it anyway obviously. Lathering the ends of my hair I went to wash the excess off of my hands. I look back at my hands in shock to see that my skin had been dyed a violet tone….panic. I check my hair and see a blue tint to it…OH MY GOD MY HAIR IS BLUE! There I am planning my escape past my parents to go and get some dark hair dye from Tesco or potentially having my Britney Spears 2007 moment. I had to try and fix this before I cut all my hair off…So there I am basically clawing the blue hue out of my hair and scrubbing it with whatever I could get my hands on.

Rushing out of the shower I quickly got the hair dryer onto the ends of my treasured hair because you only truly know what colour it is when it’s dry not wet. To my amazement I was starting to see a light grey/white fade. IT WORKED ABORT MELTDOWN MISSION!

So to conclude, silvering shampoos do work and don’t panic if at first you dye your skin purple…it will come off.

I’m sorry if this post has disappointed you, but I had to let everyone know my ordeal…thank you for your support in this tough time.

Moral: If you need a Britney Spears 2007 moment then you have that Britney Spears 2007 moment!

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