Are You Up to Date?

Good morning fellow blogger!

I think I need to look back on some of my posts because my motivation is draining away from me this week!

I wanted to address something that I think is becoming a rarity in our working world and I’ve come across quite a few people who have either never had one, don’t know how to write one or haven’t updated theirs for years.

I’m talking about a CV (Curriculum Vitae). Now I cannot stress how important these are if you’re looking for a new job, have just completed or looking for some work experience or simply keeping a log of everything you’ve achieved. In my experience I went from having the most basic CV when I was 16 to having an in depth descriptive one covering all the skills I have acquired over my educational years.


Why are they so important? 

For some companies, this is all they will look at when screening for a new job. Without any information about you how can they make a decision? Even if you are looking for temporary/part time work it is imperative you carry one of these under your belt. When I was trying to find some Christmas holiday work a few years ago, I printed off 20 odd CV’s, put them in envelopes with my name and the role title on them and literally went from place to place handing it in…(even if they weren’t looking or advertising jobs).

How can I make my CV stand out from the rest?

It depends what job role you’re going for. For example, in my industry (Architecture/Construction) it can sometimes be beneficial to include a page or a few examples of my work if I’m not also submitting a portfolio. Think about the role and see how you can get creative with it. For one of my placement interviews I printed off my CV and hand made a fancy envelope which I then waxed closed with a stamp. Something as simple as that can have a massive impact on your employer remembering you.

I have also found that one particular aspect of showing how rounded you are as a person is volunteer work. It’s always around, easy to get involved with and makes you feel good about yourself (as well as helping others). If you find yourself with a lot of spare time and think you could benefit from it then you should definitely look into this. Even if it’s only for a few weeks you can put it on the CV and boost your likeability.

Some people like to see and put a personal profile picture on their CV to add something extra and allow their employers to make a judgement before a potential meeting. I personally don’t do this because I would rather meet face to face than be judged by an image without a personality. However, that’s a personal preference.

What is a cover letter?

Some companies ask for a cover letter upon application. This is a brief letter containing a little bit of information about yourself, why you feel as though you’re right for the roll, what skills you possess and how you can benefit the company or they can benefit you. When it comes to writing one of these letters I would suggest visiting the company website and checking a few of their pages to find their ‘values’. This is a great thing to incorporate into your skills as it shows you would fit in with the business and have done your research….no one wants to hire someone who doesn’t care.

Anyway I hope that this has been an informative post for those who are looking to make a change and inspires those who need to keep on top of things to do so!

 Moral: Keeping on top of your CV is keeping on top of your life!

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