The Valentine’s Weekend

328da033-2f1e-4fdf-8e87-03d02f28d8b0.jpgGood morning fellow bloggers!


I hope we’re all raring to go for the weekend! I definitely am ready for a well earned break!


Valentines is approaching. For many of us I imagine this means a night in with our dog or cats is on the cards, sharing a bottle of wine with you, yourself and ….you. If you’re in full-time work like myself, you may be ‘celebrating’ it this weekend or the weekend after. For me, I’m going to a generic restaurant on Sunday…probably Nando’s (because I’m classy like that). As a student these things are expensive and all these ‘holidays’ add up. Valentines, Easter, Birthdays, Christmas…I mean when do you stop buying and being sucked into the retail scams?

I actually think I have a problem when it comes to buying people presents. I prefer to buy for someone else and see their reaction, than receive a gift myself, mainly because I never know how to react. ESPECIALLY when your boyfriend is 1 of 6 siblings if I buy for one, I have to buy for them all. Christmas hurt my bank account I’m not going to lie.

This year however, my boyfriend and I have decided to do a cheaper celebration and not go mad on buying things. I’ve actually managed to get everything for as little as £14!

So whether you’re spending your weekend in a swanky restaurant living it up on the Prosecco or you’re at home living it up on the Prosecco, I hope we all enjoy ourselves and make the most of our downtime!



Moral: You can be just as happy with a bottle of wine to yourself as you could be sharing a bottle of wine with someone else!

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