Share Your Link and I’ll Check Out Your Blog!

Good morning fellow bloggers!

This isn’t going to be my main post today, but yesterday I re-blogged another post which was about sharing your link on a popular bloggers post. So basically, you share your link and they post it to all their followers to help new or smaller bloggers gain a bit more traffic.

Now, I’m not the biggest blog out there, but I’m also not the smallest. However, I want to open this up to anyone who wants to share their link with me, my followers, or anyone who visits my site to look at!

Last night I reached 1000 hits on my site, which makes me really happy and I hope that I can grow and help others grow with me.

To sum up, please leave your link and even a description of your blog below and I’ll give you some feed back, a follow if I enjoy your posts and a chance to interact with some new bloggers! I think I’ll try and do one of these either once a week or once every two weeks to give everyone that little boost, old or new!

39 thoughts on “Share Your Link and I’ll Check Out Your Blog!

    • averageaspirant

      I really like the way you write! I personally can relate quite a lot to your content. I would maybe consider adding a bit more colour to your page and possible taking some of your own photography, in particular for your header image! Great work though!

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    • averageaspirant

      I think you should have a play around with the customisation section. Things like categories can make it easy for bloggers to navigate round your blog. Also an about page is a must in my opinion, this lets readers know about your blog in a short summary so they can judge whether they want to delve in or not. I hope this helps. I wrote a post with some hints and tips it could be worth a read! I’ll be writing another one soon! Keep it up and have a play around !

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