The Versatile Blogger Award

versatile blogger

Right, so this is so awesome and I’m so happy to accept this award from one of my fellow students Non Alcoholic Student thank you so much! Their blog is humorous, relatable and such a great read, you should all head over there to check it out!

Now…the rules for this one are simple!

  • Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 amazing bloggers for the award (In my case 11…think I need to interact with more people).

I like to think I have that many interesting things about me so lets give it a go!

  1. My lucky number is 5…I don’t know why, but when I was younger I had to do things in groups of 5! As a result, the number 5 is now the fave!
  2. I owned my own business when I was 15/16 (can’t remember which one) and have been entrepreneurial ever since.
  3. This one is debatable of how interesting it is, but I find it rather strange…all my best friends have been blonde apart from the one I have now (I go through them like I go through doughnuts, but I’m a good person I promise).
  4. I LOOOOVE doing makeup…Halloween makeup that is! Love the gore and the this space to see what I have planned for this year, cannot wait!
  5. This is similar to my nominator’s point, but I also never received a detention or any tellings off throughout my school life (not a clue how).
  6. I hope to become a landlord and property developer in the next 3 years (maximum) because I’ve found a passion for making the neglected into the beautiful.
  7. My dream dog is a black, teacup Pomeranian…they’re so cute I can’t even cope!

I don’t know if any of you found that interesting, but there you go!

Right so my nominees are …

Little Black Dress

Phoenix’s Life

Tales of Belle

Lucie Leanne


Sonia Chatterjee Banerjee

Indy Diarist

James’ Notes

My Life of Wife

Breathe Rebecca Breathe

New Lune

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