Becoming a blogger

Good morning fellow bloggers!


Since becoming a blogger I have loved having this routine and having something I can express myself within!



Why did I start blogging?

Well, to be honest, I just was looking for something new to do! However, now I have settled into the blogging world and am feeling comfortable with my position in the community. One of those new years resolutions that I have actually kept up with. I’ve seen quite a few new January bloggers and I’m happy to say, I’m proud of us! I felt like I had too much going on in my head to not put it down on paper for everyone to see and read.

How have I gained traffic?

Blogging daily is obviously the most well- known way of conjuring more traffic to your blog, but if you don’t have the time then I can see how it can be a bit of a dampener. I try to keep my post topics relevant to all people to keep the audience broad. By giving helpful advice, motivation and inspiration I not only help myself but, I hope to help others and from the response I’ve received so far I think I’ve achieved this.

What is the Community Pool?

One main aspect of my blog growth has been the use of the Community Pool. This is a post from WordPress on the ‘daily post’. It allows new bloggers and veterans to comment about their blog for all to see. By leaving a link to your blog below your description, anyone can visit your blog and gain you more traffic. I’ve seen a dramatic increase in my following by doing this. You can find this in your reader and search for the Community Pool every Monday. Not only this, but sometimes there are some other posts to promote yourself on so keep up to date on your Blog reader!

How do I interact with other Bloggers?

I first started commenting and conversing with other bloggers through the Community Pool, but also through searching on my reader for topics I’m interested in. By following other bloggers, liking their posts and commenting your opinions allows for them to find you and check out your blog. I must say though, don’t just comment nice things to make people feel good if you don’t mean it. We must act as a community and help each other, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of advice.

How can we change up our blog content?

Sometimes It’s good to change up your content so you don’t feel like you’re repeating yourself. Things such as a 30 day challenge where you can post different things each day for 30 days so bloggers can get to know you. Collaborations are also a good idea. For example if you are an art blogger you could collaborate with a poet. So if you were to paint a piece then they can write a response. The Daily post also sets daily prompts, this is usually one word and you can write a blog related to it. You then comment a link in the post for others to come and read.



Moral: Starting something new doesn’t have to be so scary, go at your own pace and good things will come!

16 thoughts on “Becoming a blogger

  1. thatslifeinanutshell

    Thabjs for the great read!

    Its day 1 in the blogging world for me and I came across the community pool link, it’s encouraging to see that there is a sense of community and that it can be used as a useful tool while I’m still learning to navigate beyond finding the right topics to write about.

    Liked by 2 people

    • averageaspirant

      It’ll just come to you and you won’t be able to stop the flow! Keep interacting to start with, it really helps and get yourself known, the great thing is that bloggers always want to help each other !


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