Update on your life

Good morning fellow bloggers!


I hope everyone has stayed on track with their new years resolutions. I actually have managed to for once which is new to me. It’s a nice change to feel like I’ve actually achieved something this year simply by sticking to a new regime.

Anyway…I want to revert back to some of my previous posts about the all important note book where we have written our goals and ideas for future success. Why is it so important to regularly update this? Well if you don’t feel the need to update your goals and aspirations then you’ve not been thinking enough about yourself and what you want. It’s okay to be a bit selfish sometimes! I find that by constantly adding either a new goal or even another sentence onto one of my project ideas will help bring me a tiny step closer to reaching them. It’s all about finding what motivates you. The reason I choose to put a long list of goals in the back of my pretty little note book is so that I don’t disappoint myself.

Has anyone else read my note book? No they haven’t, I treat it like a diary of my future. I want to keep on top of myself without anyone else asking if I’ve completed any of them yet. No one needs that extra pressure. I feel that if you do achieve one of your many goals then it can not only benefit you, but benefit those around you in an indirect way. For example, I will share one of my goals that involves others…I would love to be able to buy my parents a holiday. This not only makes me feel good about giving something to the people who raised me, but they have been wanting a break away for a while. What else could make you feel warm inside like that? This is what you need to think about.

Go to your note book and treat it like your life planner. Follow your goals, and help yourself achieve success…I believe in you!


Moral: Be a bit selfish to become a bit selfless!

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