Ideas, Ideas, Ideas


Happy Tuesday everyone! (not that there’s anything to be happy about on a Tuesday).

Anyway…today I’ve had another bright idea for my fancy notebook. On my way into work this morning  I was thinking how great it would be to show my kids in the future this notebook and see how much I have achieved between now and then, (hopefully a lot of it).

Why is it so important to write things down? Reflection…simple. If we aren’t able to look back at our goals and see what we need to improve or do to achieve them then how will we succeed? 

For me, my organisation skills were a bit scarce and I quite often would start something and quit half way through (anyone else?). I don’t actually know why, maybe I get bored easily, maybe these ideas weren’t meant to be or maybe I just wasn’t good enough at the time. However, since starting my work placement, I feel like I have acquired new life skills and technical skills within my job which is an achievement in itself. Before this year I hadn’t really thought about achieving anything outside of a 9-5 job. Before this year I had never looked at what my full potential could be if I really put in 100%. Most of all, before this year I have never owned a personal notebook. I treat this notebook like my phone (sad I know), but if I don’t then I’ll revert to my old ways and to me, that is key!

Moral: Always think about the future by thinking about the past.

10 thoughts on “Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

    • averageaspirant

      When I look back on the contents of my notebook I like to see how I can add to my ideas, how I can bring myself one step closer to achieving my goal. Simply re-reading these gives me the motivation to do so. I have recently begun writing step by step realistic plans of how I can reach the concepts I have conjured. So far I have achieved a few of my smaller goals and others are a work in progress. I’m definitely finding that the notebook reflection has helped me see clearly and enabled me to build on what I plan for my future! Everyday I try to add something new, whether that be a goal, a new idea or some more guidance for myself.


  1. Enia

    Great post! I also started writing a blog in order to keep all my ideas and projects in one place. I think it’s the best way to reflect on our thoughts and interests and follow the changes that are slowly made in our way of thinking. Also, I have the same problem with half-finished projects, I believe I just have too many ideas and I’m very impatient, I want to see the effect right now and we all know that it’s not always possible. I need to work on it and, again, writing posts helps me to be more organized.


    • averageaspirant

      I only started realising that I was only half finishing projects recently which doesn’t reflect well on me, but I hope that starting a blog will keep my mind in check and allow me to progress or finish something for once…great to hear your opinion!

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