Be Your Own Boss


We’re so close to Friday! We can do this!

Another day in the office, another boost to my motivation. Are you fed up of someone always being ‘above’ you ? Someone always watching over you to make sure you’re performing well FOR THEM? …me too.

Now is the time for you to change that. You know how it feels to be just an employee. You know how it feels to me metaphorically Sh** on. What’s the resolution?…Be your own boss! Choose your working hours, employ people to be part of a supportive team, do what you love and most of all be successful in life. Sounds like a perfect world right? Well let’s go and grab it!

I have heard some of the people I work with saying ‘I can’t leave this place, I’ve got a child and it’s just comfortable income’. Does that sound like someone with any motivation for greater success? Not to me it doesn’t. I understand the uncertainty of having another job lined up if you’re looking to leave the one you’re already in…but sometimes these risks can change your lives for the better. Do you want to regret something that could’ve been a turning point for you and/or your family?

After working at the very bottom of the chain I have quickly realised, this is not where I want to spend my working life. I want to be different, I want to stand out, I want to have something no one else has…I want to be my own boss!

What’s stopping me from having all of that? Well…nothing really, maybe a bit of funding, which is quite common I assume. However, I am more than willing to stick at something for a year or so to raise what I need for my goals. It’s quite simple, just takes a little bit of time.

This week I have written out all of my start up ideas in my lovely new notebook ready to be built. At the back of my notebook however, I have a list with boxes that need to be ticked. What does this list consist of? All of my goals, short and long term. If I’m ever feeling a bit low, or have lost some of my motivation, I turn to those pages and look straight at the words of my future!

Moral: It’s never to late to follow your dreams, don’t make your goal a regret, make it reality! 

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