Temptation, temptation, temptation. How do we stop ourselves from ruining all the hard work we’ve done this year?

Why am I more motivated to change my health and appearance? Not only to try something new this year, but I’ve even started getting comments from my parents…(never makes you feel good). However, I think with age I have learnt to channel these harsh words to benefit me instead of break me.

When I’ve previously tried to change the way I eat, often I find myself reaching for that sweet cupboard full of goodness…(or is it a bad cupboard?). That would be my tipping point where one small flake turns into me demolishing the whole contents by the end of the week. Obviously we need to treat ourselves or we’ll go into a break down. Since the beginning of the year I am pleased, yet surprised to say I have not fallen off my new lifestyle (round of applause for me). Hopefully I can keep it up as I’m already starting to see the changes in my body.

Over the weekend I bought myself one of those ab wheels…some of you may wonder what is that. Well it looks a little like this…


Weird right? Funnily enough this small, simple contraption has made me feel like I’ve been in the ring with Anthony Joshua going at my midriff for half an hour. If you’re up for a new challenge and want to push yourself to do more exercise without leaving the house…I dare you to give this a go. Even if you only manage a few each day (I could only go half way down 3 times the first time I tried…don’t laugh). You can even find one for £6 in Tesco so no excuses.

Moral: Learn to channel negative energy into your own success


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