Fill it with dreams


I hope you have all survived the weekend, congrats we’ve made it halfway through January!

I had a productive weekend I suppose, finally got myself that notebook to write down all those ideas buzzing around my head. Even found a fancy little fountain pen to write them with (finally it’s all coming together…sort of). I haven’t actually figured out my next step to achieving my more ambitious goals. For the moment saving is my priority, to reach my most challenging dream this is all I can do for now. What’s stopping me from having a multimedia of startups across the board? Nothing really in all honesty. There’s people that simply want success, and there’s people who want it and will not stop at anything to grab that success. I like to think I am on my way to reaching for that, but who can predict the future.

Although it may seem insignificant, I often look at houses I would aspire to live in when I’m older and for me…that is inspiration enough. It’s so important to have something to aspire to, but how do you find YOUR inspiration? Your family? Your job? Helping others? Giving back? Wanting a better life? Use these to help not only yourself, but those you want in your future.

How do I find the time between work to really focus on making plans outside of work? I often only have an hour or so when I come home to sit and do what I want to do. Something that really helps me relax is getting a few things out of my mind and onto the paper. Atmosphere is imperative, I like to put on a few fairy lights, get down the diffuser, put on some fresh bedding, get my faux fur throw, obviously a bit of real housewives background noise on the TV and just write away.

Make the most of this life, who knows what you could come up with?!


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