Finally it’s Friday! What are you doing this weekend?… Letting your hair down? Hitting the clubs? Sitting at home with your 3 cats binge watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix?

I know which one I would choose…(wink wink…I only have two cats so it doesn’t make me sad).

Anyway…whatever you’re getting up to make sure you’re always thinking about those small goals, find the time to do those 20 push ups a day, only have one cheat meal rather than a cheat day/weekend. As long as you’re not changing too much your body can adapt to a new routine and you wont struggle as you may used to.

Don’t let your friends guilt you into going for a ‘few drinks’ down the pub which ends up being 4 pitchers of porn star martini with another three pints for dessert. Be the responsible driver, make decisions to leave you with no choice, but to stick to your new targets.

Anyone else do their weekly food shop on a Friday or Saturday? I like to write down meals that I would want to have/try throughout the week and pick out the ingredients for my shopping list. My main struggle for keeping my energy levels up is finding healthy snack alternatives. I’ve recently been having Hartley’s 5 Cal jellies in a pot (even though they say 10 Cal on the front it’s actually 5 Calories on the nutritional info), they take me ages to finish which for me, works wonders because most of the time I think my body simply needs the motion of having something to eat.


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