The First Average Post

Happy new year to everyone! Yes, this is another blog by some randomer trying to do something new in 2018. None of this ‘New year, new me’ nonsense, I’m still me and I probably won’t do anything different this year…apart from this.

Have you ever been asked by someone…’What’s your 5 year plan?’, probably over the Christmas holidays when your Nan’s wondering if you’ve got a boyfriend or girlfriend yet, or your auntie Sheila wants to know ‘whats up’ with all the new tech when shes still on the Samsung slidy uppy phone (you know the one). Well here’s to them because this is your year. Get your **** together year!

I’m here to share with you the life of an average young person with huge aspirations…because why not? Hopefully I’ll have achieved something this year to top the last and maybe, just maybe someone will be inspired to do the same.

Over the next (insert amount of time here)…or however long I can keep focused I will be looking at my ‘5 year plan’ and actually doing something about it, join me on my journey!

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